PR 101 -Staking Your Claim To Fame

So what do product packaging claims have to do with PR messaging and building brand trust? A hell of a lot really.

Just yesterday, we spent an hour on the phone with our client prepping for an interview this morning with a leading industry trade publication.  Our goal –to ensure that our client succeeds and positions the company’s new products with new ingredients that will help build upon their trusted reputation.

You see, what is said  in sales presentations and board room meetings, especially by overzealous sales and marketing people, can actually hurt a company’s reputation. An eager and enthusiastic account executive might claim all sorts of things to win over a new account. That wonder drug? That super food? That breakthrough beauty product? Yeah, the media’s looking to pop that bubble.

What can break that trust? Unsupported claims that mislead consumers. Check out some of these wild claims –

  • Outrage over a chewing gum that promises to keep customers looking their best  by improving their complexion.
  • A wrinkle cream that stimulates stem cell regeneration.
  • Cereals that claim to boost brain activity in growing children.
  • A diet warned by the FDA for making unsupported claims linked to HCG -a hormone produced by the human placenta found in the urine of pregnant women.
  • The bacteria fighting benefits of hand sanitizers that claim to wash away West Nile virus and
  • Fiber powders that clean out the arteries for a healthier  heart.

Be careful of making claims that imply that the products affect “the structure or function of the human body,” which should be classified as drugs.  Smart companies looking to build strong reputations must follow each country’s  evidence required for safety and efficacy of their products.

A good rule of thumb when your writing that marketing and sales copy? If you are making health claims about a product that is required by  law to back them up with competent and reliable scientific evidence, be sure you have that evidence, so consumers have the accurate information they need to make intelligent purchasing decisions.

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