Socially Savvy Beauty Brand PR

Adding personality with a unique “voice” to your brand on social media can take your platforms to an entire new level of engagement. Here are five simple things you can do to begin creating a social media campaign with soul.

1. Add a unique quote that reveals the emotional connection to your brand on your company’s Twitter  profile, in the bio section “About yourself in less than 160 characters” like @BarneysNY

2. Create Pinterest boards with a purpose like BloomingdalesBe the first to get the scoop

3. Let your customers shine on Facebook by designing a Facebook page for your fans to follow with messages that speak to your customer – not your brand, like the Jane Iredale What makes YOU glow? campaign.

4. Pay homage to your heritage as Keihl’s has done on Pinterest and add boards that connect people with secondary interests like Kiehl’s “Must Love Dogs” board.

5. Let your images do the sharing by using more photos and less words on Tumblr like Oscar’s PR Girl


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