Best Branding and PR Practices

Winning Brand Strategies
Winning Brand Strategies

If you are about to jump on the roller coaster ride of starting a new company,  here are a few best practices for building your new brand.

1. Continually know what’s trending in your competitive space. Services and sites like Trendhunter Pro, WGSN and StyleSite can give you insight into what’s hot and what might just be on its way down. Stay fresh.

2. Actively focus on your customer, each day and every day. Who are they? What do they do with their time? How do they find you? Tweet at them. Engage on Facebook. Incorporate what they like and change-up what they don’t about your product or service. Listen carefully, always actively listen. And then change for the better. Same goes for journalists, reporters, editors in your industry. Listen to their constructive criticism. Ask them to be candid. This will only help you become a stronger competitor.

3. Analyze all possible areas of distribution. Is it a mix of e-commerce and/or retail stores? A pop-up strategy perhaps? Maybe a collaborative store within a store?  Just make sure you are where you need to be. Where new customers can easily find your products and services. Oh, and are you prepared for mobile? See what Forbes calls the most important trends in retail for 2013 here.

4. Tweak your product concept. If you’re not first to market, than what really makes your hot thing super unique? Is it a key ingredient? Special benefit? Stand out and stand apart to attract your target market.

5. Think about your brand voice. Is it friendly? Super luxurious? Clinical and effective? Have you positioned your brand as a “voice of authority” or are you the best friend sharing great advice?

6. Does the design of your product, packaging, website convey what you really want to say? Is it consistent? A brand map will keep you on track. Designing for your market is one of the key factors for success and probably the biggest challenge for most new businesses.

7. Promote your brand by sharing the key messages and benefits of your product and or service. Write down all of the key components that make your brand ultra special.

Want more tips? Branding and PR advice? Leave a message, we are here to help.


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