Visually Social By Design

We live in a time of rapid, radical technological transformation where brands must become more and more creative in what is becoming a sea of social sameness.

We have become a new generation of digital content creators, artists who are transforming brands through engaging entertainment.

Consider the need to provide a seamless omni channel experience for your customers.

How are fans engaging with your brand? In a pop up store? With a mobile app? A printed catalog? A tablet? Each experience must be “consistent and complementary.”

Why Visual?
Here are just a few reasons –

– International audiences relate more easily to images than words.

– Mobile audiences demand the immediacy of a photo or illustration, rather than the complexity of text.

– And social media has placed the need for authenticity front and center, with visual proof becoming an essential ingredient of any social campaign.

What do PR professionals bring to the table?

The talent and ability to build audience trust and reputation management while engaging with loyal fans on a personal, meaningful, and measurable level.

But, first it is most important to understand where your brand fits within your customers’ lives. Once you know how, why and where your customers are using your product or experiencing your service, then you can –

Embrace the platform that’s appropriate for your fans (whether it be Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat (yes Snapchat), Facebook or Instagram) and create visual entertainment specifically for that platform.

Remember as mobile use continues to rise, these photos are being seen on pretty small screens – so great composition and proper lighting is a must.

Think of Instagram and Pinterest as visual e-zines for your brand. Tell your story as it resonates within and with your customers.

The objective is consistent (not annoying) presence – so posting once a week is not enough. Aim for once to twice a day. We like the way @NYmag presented a story on Solange Knowles in their Life in Pictures

How to generate visual content?
Spot opportunities for visual storytelling within your own organization. Need help creating a visual strategy for your brand? Email us. We are here to help.

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