Normal Will Get You Nowhere


Brands and more specifically, the people behind them have difficulty rationalizing PR and advertising budgets, questioning whether they will get the most bang for their buck. Bang being ultimate publicity; New York Times covers, celebrity ambassadors, etc. Well, here at the MJMPR, we believe it’s always good to dream big but don’t serve blah, serve bling. 

To get editors, bloggers and top influencers to spread buzz about your product, you have to have a certain wow factor. Remember, they are here to tell a story, so spin it right and they’ll spin it around. Make your product hype-worthy by telling the world something fresh and different. Looking back at our track record, MJMPR landed previous client Townhouse Spa on the cover of Time Out for inventing a weekly spa indulgence for New York natives called the ‘7-Hour Sunday Massage.’ And when we created the Bang-tox vs. Botox Today Show segment, a new hair style for hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda for Eiji Salon. Or when we created the 24 Karat Gold Facial for Fairmont Spas. It’s critical to think outside the box because normal will get you nowhere. 
Having trouble developing a story? Need a new angle? Give us a call at 212.729.1948 or drop us a line at 

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