Let’s Get Featured in 2014 Holiday Gift Guides

gift wrap 1

If you are like most companies with a product or gift-able service, you are eagerly positioning your brand for a spot in the highly coveted holiday gift guides in larger circulation monthly magazines. Or maybe not. Maybe you are just too busy dealing with shipping schedules, high-maintenance accounts, office politics and trying to take a day or two off in August that you haven’t even thought about Christmas or Chanukah yet.

If you haven’t started preparing, yes, it’s later than you think. Closing dates for November and December 2014 issues are creeping up. InStyle Magazine’s November Best of Digital and Thanksgiving Party Guide closes on 8/25 and is on sale 10/17 and December’s big holiday gift guide closes on 9/22.  Most gift guides for print are finalized by September.

All of you DIY PR start-ups can take the long, arduous route by checking out this “to do” list

Oh and added tip – you need great photography and simply “buying a media list” is not a guarantee to get you into any guide, ever. Most gift guide editors and writers change each season.

If you want to try to reach magazines like InStyle with 1.7 million potential new readers/customers, without spending the 2/3rd page vertical equivalent of $145,200.00 you also have to be prepared with the following –

  • Consider that magazine creative directors will group gifts by texture and color scheme. Make your gift-wrapping as neutral yet festive as possible to increase your chances of getting photographed.
  • Unless you are pitching to Town & Country, The Robb Report or Departures, think stocking stuffers (under $25.00) and inch up in increments of $10.00 from there. Group gifts by price.
  • Assuming that you are starting off with an amazing product to begin with, make it even more irresistible with professional high resolution photography (wrapping included) and persuasive copy.
  • Optimize your pitch for each individual audience. Consider their readers’ lifestyle and incorporate details about them into your copy.
  • Remember to include price, size, availability and both brick and mortar and links to websites.
  • Have samples on hand of each gift to send to reporters and editors.

It’s not too late for digital, broadcast and daily media coverage. They typically have a four to eight week lead time. Social media has also changed the way people shop and over 50% of shoppers use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to find gifts for their friends and family.

Need help getting in the (holiday gift) guides? That’s what we’re here for. Send us an email or a tweet @marketcouncil. We are here to help. m.johnson@themarketcouncil.com

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