Cultivating Your Brand’s Voice: Know Thyself

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Building a brand from inception is no easy feat. You’re sitting at your desk, contemplating and plotting your next social media move yet nothing comes to mind. You have a hype-worthy product and an idea fully committed but publicly vocalizing your brand stifles you.

What do I post on Instagram? Is this “on-brand”? How do I get more followers? Is this how I should talk to my customers via Facebook? Is that tweet really retweetable? With so many platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, Youtube, does it ever end?) and so many varied users, how do you cultivate a voice of your own?

In order to make it as the Nikes and Chanels of the world, its invaluable to firmly internalize your brand’s identity. If you cannot fully, confidently and fluidly answer these questions, it’ll be tricky expressing yourself across the board.

1Who are you? As a brand, its imperative to eat, sleep and breathe your mission statement. What are your roots? What’s your story? Why do customers choose to be loyal to you? Hone in on your core competencies and centralize what makes you different. If you don’t know who you are, nobody will.

2. What’s your purpose? What did you set out to do? Yes in due time your goals will inevitably shift but stay true to your initiatives. We promise it will be easier to express yourself from the inside out. Are you here to serve up the best organic and natural lifestyle products to environmentally conscious consumers? Know why you’re here. 

3. Who is your customer? There’s a gap between who you illustrate as your ideal customer and those individuals actively buying your product. It’s critical to shift attention to the latter. Do your research and know you customers. What do they do in their down time? What are their values? What music do they listen to? Once you know them like you would a friend, you won’t think twice before tweeting and Instagramming content they’re into. Get to know one another. 

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