Social Media Statistics 2014 – The Power of Pinterest

social-platformsUnderstanding how your top, most valuable, customers are using social media can help you understand how to promote your brand more effectively. These valuable customers, the top 15-20%,  are worth more than the bottom 50% of your customers collectively. Treat them well.

In March 2014 Experian Marketing reported that social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc) accounted for 7.72% of referrals to retail sites. This is up from 2013 and when it comes to sales conversions, Pinterest users are the most valuable. Research shows that 80% of Pinterest users are women and still active after four years of pinning their wish lists and dream vacations to their boards.

Instagram hosts the highest engagement level, with reports showing up to 15 times that of Facebook. Want even more shares? Studies show that photos with blue tones are shared most. Interesting.

Consumers use Twitter for speedy customer service, while expecting brands to act rapidly to complaints. How fast? Within the hour.

Looking for higher engagement on Facebook? Video posts on Friday will increase feedback and shares up to 25%.

Brands looking to reward loyal customers and lure in new fans must understand how consumers are tuning in to a multichannel social world.

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