5 Rules to Ruling Facebook

6a00d83451b9ea69e2019b00420565970d-500wiFacebook remains an attractive social media platform and marketing destination, first and foremost, for its  +1.28 billion monthly active users as of June 2014. Aren’t convinced?  It’s all in the numbers…

  • 802 million users log onto Facebook daily
  • 1.01 billion mobile active users
  • 29.7% of users are ages 25-24 years old (Largest Demographic)
  • High Growth Rate: 5 new profiles created each second

Source: Zephoria


Already on Facebook? Here’s how to own it:

1. Bylines are your Best Friend – The average time spent on an Facebook is only 20 minutes (Infodocket). Coupled with limited attention spans, content and advertisement overload, it’s critical to keep your text light. Rule of thumb: if it doesn’t fit within a 140-character tweet, start over. 

2. Timing is Everything – You can now determine your fan’s Facebook schedule. Down to the very hour. If your users are primarily on Facebook from 8-10 pm, post away. There’s now an explanation for a scarcity of likes during weekday mornings. According to Bit.ly, Thursdays and Fridays experience 18% higher engagement.

3. Get Friendly wIth Facebook’s Insights – A 7-day snapshot of what your brand’s page is doing right and what its doing wrong. A Google Analytics for Facebook. Analyze your posts reach, whose liking your page (M/F, Origin, Language), and what posts are driving customers to your page.  ldksfa

4. Be Human – Engage with your customers. With so many seamless communication methods and pathways, focus on building relationships with your customers. Know their interests and values. When they reach out to ask about a product or an event, be active and inviting in your response. Remember, this is an opportunity to acquire a life-long customer (or deter one) so, get to know them.

5.  #Hashtag –  Albeit, there’s truth in Mashable’s article “Does Facebook Really Need Hashtags?,”yet Facebook’s adoption of hashtags was a natural progression and will remain a useful tool to streamline trending topics on Facebook. While creating a more user-friendly experience for users (clickable hashtags allow users to discover what they like), the tool allows for more synergy between Facebook and social media sister Instagram. Try and keep hashtags relevant and to a minimum.

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