Organic Word of Mouth PR

It’s because of you Ferris  and how I’m really killing it on The Four Hour Body that I got caught up in a #gram jam today.Yup, all those vegetables I‘m force feeding my hubs every morning, noon and night. So damn healthy.

So, to kick it up a notch, I thought I’d go to my favorite farm to load up for the next few weeks on locally grown. Who knew I’d get bitched down by the owner of Rottkamps  for taking a photo with my iPhone (#nofilter) of their amazing carrots, swiss chard and other bounty of “good for the body” beauty. The carrots were practically posing for us.

photo 2Just a memorable instagram moment away from posting and the owner of Rottkamps stops me, giving me a look of dismay, and asks me how I’d feel if she went into my garden and took photos without asking me. Hmmmm. I want a garden. I wish I had one. However, if I did, and she asked, I would be so excited if she took a photo of my heirloom harvest.

Now never mind the fact that this gem of a quaint farm is not actually listed on Google and it’s a crap shoot finding the place every time you share it with a friend. People love that about Rottkamps. It’s a hidden secret. That’s why they go. There’s a hidden branding/marketing message in here –

I really believe that Ms. Rottkamp thought I was a spy for Whole Foods. Now, embarrassed – hell I thought I was kicking ass, mult-tasking – an instagram shot for one of my clients (a natural, organic and vegan brand), a bunch of fresh cilantro and feeding my family well. Applause.

The most interesting and disappointing lesson learned today was that Mrs. Rottkamp aka the Social Media Police Bully told me that NONE of her vegetables are organic. Yes, they use an old fashioned cocktail of pesticides and chemicals to have her prize peppers look so vibrant. This explains why the Whole Foods in our neck of the woods will not sell such local produce. Yes and she admitted that. As a matter of fact she was proud of it when she said we are NOT an organic farm.

FYI, I bought “local” tomatoes from New Jersey at said Whole Foods Market the other day. Not so local, considering I am over 100 miles away.

photo 3 Now, the second take away today is that I (and I am sure many others) just assumed that Rottkamps is an ORGANIC farm. Just look at the photos. It screams wholesome, pure, back to the earth, simple small farm. Never mind that there is no #natural #organic branding anywhere, but the look and feel, is so well, authentically organic, without doing a damn thing. Sprouts and Wild by Nature couldn’t replicate such a charming setting and organic vibe if they tried.

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