Not Your Garden Variety Targeted Customer

There are so many well-intentioned marketing companies out there willing to show you how to define your target market, like let’s say websites like BigCommerce (warning boring marketing video alert). The truth is if you are on your game and you are actually selling something you will find that some of your best customers may not be who you intended them to be or who you intended to “target” at all. Sometimes you just get what you get. 

For example, we know –

– two twenty-something guys who created a website to help plan parties and special events with your friends that was meant for Brooklyn hipsters and LA surfers but was really loved by middle aged moms from Milwaukee.

– a fashion line created for the progressive design elite BUT purchased by shut-ins from the heart of Pennsylvania. There goes that Instagramable moment.

– deconstructed Japanese apparel makers with a stylish store in Soho who attracted low hanging fruit (majority of their customers who spend the biggest bones) who are plus sized shoppers on menopausal migraine medication hiding their muffin tops in loose swingy silhouettes.  Marketing tip – the bones are in the boomers.

– natural, vegan henna hair color for organic loving Whole Food’s shoppers that is meant to cover grey hair but purchased by women as a last resort before they decide to channel their inner silver fox.

a day spa built for monthly facial and weekly manicures for ambitious or aspiring boardroom babes with the very first consistent paying customer profiled as a sixty-something drag queen who could have used a lot more work than a glycolic peel.

Now these are everyday things. Can you imagine the breadth and depth of unique customers that something like the Cootie  Protecting Kissing Shield would attract? Now that would be a fun focus group.

cootie patent

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