Melodramatic Marketing. Why You Need a Little Brand Drama


Shopping at ABC Carpet makes me feel like an agent for change. Just walking through the store will bring me love, light, abundance; throw in a bit inner peace, a calmer mind and a Zen-like vibe. I don’t need a $50 box of Parisian-blended incense that will wash over my home with wild azaleas and sweet cedar, but wow, how it could transform my reality in a 450 square foot five story walk up flat in Murray Hill.

Those $350 Alexander Wang fleece sweat trousers with two back patch pockets and side neon stripes  will make me feel like I’m totally on trend and hell yeah, I’ve conquered the MegaFormer™ at Brooklyn Bodyburn.


And how about the Premiata White “Lucy” Sneakers that I just added to my wish list from Do I really need another pair of kicks? Are my Nike Free’s sooooo worn out already after daily sprints on the east side? Hell no, but these babies are fierce and yes I want to be/feel FIERCE.


The reason for hours spent on Houzz? My dream home office. Where I’ll write my Pulitzer prize winning novel turned binge-worthy HBO series, of course.

home office

Next time you’re writing your marketing copy, creating an email campaign or merchandising your pop up shop, think about the emotional side of why your customers buy from you. How do they want to feel after they throw down those bones? What memorable experience have you just given them that they can’t get anywhere else? How did you elevate their mind?

I just read an interesting thought. Firefighters run into burning buildings because they associate pleasure with helping people and saving lives. What do your customers associate with your brand? Good-to-know marketing. Ya think?

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  1. Thank you so much for this great article explaining how you are selling a lifestyle rather than a product.

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