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Everyone is offering you advice to increase your website sales. These particular tips are for your flagship store when you are not meeting sales projections at your brick and mortar location.  Here are some fast and furious ways to rapidly boost sales at any one of your locations.

Get to Know Your Customer 

Ask them what pulled them into your particular store? What products they currently use/love? What products do they wish they could buy?

Sell Smaller

Feature an under $20.00 display of products. This is a great way to have customers try your brand without feeling like they broke their budget.

 Switch Up the Store

Move the merchandise around in the store. Feature one collection a day on the “main” display or demonstration table. Then track sales to see which store layout works best. If you have a product that everyone wants in the front of the store, bring it to the back so customers have to experience everything you have to get to their “treasured” product.

 Master the “Up Sell”

This will help you increase your average sale. Pair products that work well together and be sure to have your sales staff recommend these products as a great duo.

 Spread the Word & Refer a Friend

Spread the word via existing customers by ramping up word-of-mouth promotional opportunities. One happy customer leads to the next. Create a promotion that prompts every new customer to tell (at least) five friends and reward her with a promotion for every friend she brings into the store.

Keep it Hyper Local

Create promotions on a local level, closest to the point-of-purchase (your store) by offering special promotions in nearby locations. Reach out to neighboring offices, hotels, cafes, etc. within a 5-block radius of your store and leave behind a postcard with premium offer.

 Sell in Season

Let the customer know what they must buy now. Moisturizing lip balms for chapped winter lips and serums for dry and damaged hair from the season’s frigid temperatures. Take a look at your stock and promote what is “in season” right now. Customers should be told what they need to have.

Text to Train Your Sales Staff

Train your sales staff daily. Send them text messages and emails throughout the day with great sales tips for each product. Keep them excited and motivated with great information.

Analyze Your “Best” Customer & Your Current Sales

 What is the most popular question that customers are asking?

Make sure the entire staff knows the answer and the best products to recommend.

 What is your best customer’s demographic? This way sales staff can spot a potential customer as she/he walks in the door.

Which sales rep is selling the most? Have them train the rest of your staff. What are they doing right? What do they know that your other sales team needs to know?

 What is the average price of an average sale? This should give you an idea of how much the average customer is willing to spend. Bundle products around this dollar amount.

When are the busiest times of day for your store? This is the time to promote with the heaviest traffic so make sure you are well staffed at this time so you don’t miss a customer.

Which products are selling the most?

This is done through sales training and by analyzing which products are selling the fastest and why. These products will be merchandised in the store to be “highlighted” with special promotions to move even more of them faster.

Play around with Special Promotions

Offer a special discounted promotion to try a new product. This product should have universal appeal and should be around the same price as the products that are currently selling with your “average sale”.

The Importance of a Brand Experience

With so many ways to buy online, the in store shopping experience must be made special. Be sure that you create a great brand experience in the store so that customers can try the product. This is created so the customer is WOW-ed! Have the products available for the customers to try with a mini treatment.

Play Games with Your Customers

Host daily raffles and giveaways to help bring traffic into the store. Announce these raffles on social media and invite customers in for a “chance to win”.

Display your Best Reviews & Press Mentions

Either on a digital monitor or framed shelf-talker near the product that has been reviewed.

Finally, be sure your sales forecast reflect goals that can actually be reached. Do a traffic study. How many people are actually walking into your store each day? How many leave empty handed?

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