9 New Ways to Perfect Your Pitch

If you are trying to create high-quality content and news pitches that produce strong media placements for your brand, these tips will increase your chances of earning coverage by 99%.

  1. Plan ahead. It takes time for a reporter to write a story. For digital, give it at least a six weeks lead-time.
  1. Reseabaseball_steroidsrch the reporter/journalist first. Read their stories and watch their segments. Get to know their beat and go in with that first. Make it super-personalized to them. Follow them on social media. See how they pitch their stories.
  1. Create an interesting subject title, something that really sparks. Something witty and enticing to click open.
  1. Pitch a story, not your company. Include your brand in a broader “trend” story.  If you are a smaller, emerging brand, than stand on the shoulder of giants. If your competition is a part of the “trend” use them in your pitch to make your brand look bigger and brighter. Think about what will help that reporter get more clicks, lure in more readers, sell the news.
  1. Try to tie your story into a topic the journalist has already covered or something timely and interesting happening right now, like a trending topic.
  1. While you are drawing them in, get to the point fast and be concise. Keep it short, sweet and focus on the news, not just your brand. Proofreading also helps. Check for typos and misspells. It happens to the best of us.
  1. Include legit statistics and studies and end with a question – something they might feel they actually have to respond to, like “Would you be interested in sharing this story on ______?
  1. Suggest a reasonable way to follow up – email? phone call? meeting?
  1. Ask if they’d like exclusive coverage. In a sea of sameness, every reporter would love a scoop.

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