Marketing in the Here and Now


In the not so distant future, four very important things will matter most when engaging with your customers and their rising expectations of what you as a brand can deliver to them in the very moment they expect it.

Your customers will expect you to give them exactly what they want precisely when they want it at the very price they want to pay for it with one simple, easy and trustworthy digital transaction.

Marketing for the “right now” will have brands using technology like near-field communication and location-based mobile apps to meet their customers increasing demands.

In turn, marketing managers will be doing deep research dives to better understand their customer’s journey and what they need and want in real time. Ethnographic research will become a key strategy in your marketing plan as you watch and learn precisely how your customers shop, how they behave in their homes and uncover the triggers and motivations that drive their behavior.

Some of the newer on demand services that are currently addressing consumer’s needs –

Gym surfing a phone app that solves the problem of having to miss a day or so of workout training when traveling. This mobile app will help consumers find a gym near their current location with the ability to instantly buy a day or weekly pass.

Beautified provides a service that helps consumers look great while “on the go” with an easy way to find and book same day hair salon and beauty services.

The House call mobile app helps customers find trusted professionals like plumbers and electricians near them for same day repair services.

And if you have have a package that needs to go out right now the mobile app will help you get anything, anywhere, anytime.

Car in the shop? Grab a cab anywhere with Flywheel.

How is your brand preparing for the rising expectations of your customers? We’d love to hear from you. 

An excellent report about the future of on demand marketing at McKinsey here and an interesting article on Ethnographic Research from The Harvard Business Review.

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