20 Ways to Find Out What’s Trending on the Web Right Now

20 Ways to Find Out What's Trending Right Now

Whether you have five minutes of downtime to watch what’s hot, or you are looking to learn more about what (content) gets shared the most, here are some of the best sites and tools that rank the videos, photos and hashtags that are trending right now.

  1. Oublio  Photos are updated hourly and videos are updated daily on Oublio. The site monitor’s what’s popular on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Imgur and Pinterest.
  2. Imgur shares what’s fresh, interesting and popular on the web.
  3. You can find out what’s trending on YouTube with Google’s hot video watch list.
  4. Watch interviews with YouTube sensations with VH1’s Huge on the Tube channel. There are some teachable moments here on how to create videos that go “viral”.
  5. Video ad tech company Unruly has a site dedicated to charting viral videos on the web.
  6. YouTube’s Trend Dashboard allows you to filter video trends by city and country.
  7. #PopularonYouTube has over 29 million subscribers.
  8. You can find out what pins have the most likes, comments and shares at Popular on Pinterest.
  9. Newswhip.com  answers the question “How do you find the events and people that are changing the world right now?
  10. Find the most liked photos ever, hashtag cloud and popular filter usage and more at Instagram’s blog.http://blog.instagram.com/ and check out your own key metrics about your Instagram account.
  11. Your source for all that is trending on Twitter. Trendsmap shows you the latest trends on Twitter from anywhere in the world.
  12. Google Top Charts will tell you want’s most searched and what’s trending by any category you can imagine.
  13. Good old Buzzfeed has their own interpretation of what’s trending.
  14. What’s Trending serves as a 24/7 news hub, covering and curating the most viral and shareable content across the social web.
  15. What the Trend from Hootesuite gives their users the ability to weigh in on trends.
  16. Unruly’s blog curates and helps us understand why things trend in the first place.
  17. Webtrends.com helps to identify what the next big thing will be on the web.
  18. Viranova.com gives us a look at some of the weirdest trends on the web.
  19. NowTrending.com gives you the option to search by topic (many of the sites above also have this feature).
  20. and @BBCTrending shares a world view of what’s trending

If you have websites to add to the list, please comment or send us at tweet @marketcouncil

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