How to Do Your Own PR Part 1


This will be the first of many posts on how to do your own PR. I am also going to turn this into a video class for those of you that are interested. This post is for start ups, small businesses and pioneering entrepreneurs who are on a budget and can’t afford a seasoned public relations professional to represent them.

It’s also for marketing directors and medium sized businesses to help them better understand what to expect from their PR agency or press liaison. It’s all about best practices for the maximum publicity and promotional coverage without paying for advertising or relying on reviews.

Know the difference: “Advertising is saying your good. PR is having someone else say your good.



Tips from a True PR Pro

I have maintained a long and profitable career in PR and have built relationships with the editors of top tier media outlets including AllureGlamour, ElleHarper’s BazaarVogueTown & Country and W Magazines as well as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and influential digital media journalists affiliated with The Huffington Post, Refinery29, and StyleCaster, etc.

While I have spent most of my time representing premiere lifestyle brands including Aveda hair care and cosmetics; The Spas at Fairmont Raffles Hotels; YonKa Paris skincare, Rene Furterer Paris; Carthusia fragrances;  Nasomatto and Morgane Le Fay perfumes, these best PR practices apply to any industry.

Ever Expanding Universe of Media Options

As consumers get closer and closer to their favorite brands on social media; the proper PR strategy deserves extra special attention. Staying on top of the most useful ways to spread the news involves exploring new, innovative ways to amplify your messages and strive to fully leverage the ever-expanding universe of media options, marketing channels and technological innovations that have forever changed the practice of PR.


The PR Skills You Will Build

My intention is to show you the best practices for building a media list, crafting a pitch, approaching a journalist and answering tough interview questions, using the best tech tools so you receive the best possible editorial coverage for your products and services in the most efficient way possible.


boorstinThe Importance of PR 

Yes social media matters and digital marketing is very important for building brand awareness. Equally important is television, print, digital and radio/podcast coverage that validates your company’s existence as a relevant market leader.  Getting media coverage is not easy and takes time, energy and persistence. If you are going to do it yourself, you are going to spend time writing, photographing, recording and documenting your brand’s products and services and training your spokesmen and key ambassadors.





Market Before You Manufacture

The best way to begin is to build a market before you actually manufacture. Get the word out before you hit store shelves.  You don’t want to wait until your product or service is “perfect” because you know it never will be.  However, as Steve Jobs once said, what you want to do is create relevance with your products, services and PR; not just “awareness.” All great media coverage begins with thoughtful, useful and well-designed products and services that make a difference in people’s lives.

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