When to begin Branding? Startup Marketing 101

I am working on launching an online class called “The Market Sessions” this fall (Sept 2016) where I will share the most efficient and critical strategies for startup growth & success. Follow this blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel here for updates.

One of the first questions I get from owners and founders of startups and small businesses is “when should I begin branding and marketing my business?” In this short teaser video, I include a brief overview of how and when to start promoting your product or service.

Recommendations include

  • Beginning with a brand name and well a vision/mission and a brand guidelines map for media and strategic partners.
  • A strong Icon that can be used when you grow globally.
  • How to market before you actually manufacturer and/or launch.
  • Taking pre-orders to test the market and help fund the future of your business.
  • Once you start selling, continually checking reviews on Amazon, Yelp, Ebay – where ever customers are talking about you.
  • Marketing IRL(in real life) matters just as much as social media. Make sure you are attending and networking at all important events.
  • How user testing will help improve your website conversion.
  • and why it’s important to stay organized along the way.

Please feel free to email me at m.johnson@themarketcouncil.com or tweet me @marketcouncil with your most challenging marketing or branding question.