How to Get More Eyeballs on Your Website

If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s marketing and branding “jargon” – B.S. industry talk that can confuse the hell out of you. In this short video I attempt to explain what sales and marketing and “growth-hackers” mean by “The Customer Journey “and “The Sales Funnel”. While both are extremely important to your business success and revenue growth, understanding the concept doesn’t have to be confusing at all.

Your Sales Funnel Explained –


In order to acquire new customer and clients for your business or start up, you are required to put your brand out there and get noticed. You have to do things, like – attend network events, speak on panels, write blog posts, get interviewed, post to social media consistently. The less you do, the less attention you will receive.


Once you have “wowed” a potential client or customer (you have their attention) they are going to visit your store, place of business, website, etc. At this point it is really important to make sure their first time experience with you is just fantastic and convincing. This requires you to improve your customer/client experience every day.


This means you have “converted” a potential customer/client into a buyer. They have purchased something from you. It could be a book, a product, an article of clothing from your latest season, an hours worth of consultation, a download – it all depends on what you offer, what you are selling. There is a lot that rides on taking an interested customer to actually click on the shopping cart.


Lucky you, if you have loyal customers you have clients/customers that keeps coming back. They are now brand “loyal”. The next step is to get them to the all-star position of “brand advocate” which is like having a mascot. The more mascot’s you have the quicker you will grow by word-of-mouth marketing, which will decrease your customer acquisition costs.

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