How to Get Press Coverage for Your Brand

Watch and learn how to pitch a news story that gets picked up in this quick tutorial.

I am making these videos because I am filming a class for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners who want to connect with bloggers, journalists, reporters and writers so they can build brand awareness through editorial coverage.

Why You Never Get a Response from the Media

One of the biggest challenges is that most of the stories that I see being pitched are way too self-serving. Brand owners who don’t have a media relations background need to understand the importance of pitching correctly. It’s not difficult, it just takes a bit of understanding. The media is not going to write a story just about your new product or service. They need a story that is important to their readers and viewers.

Two Things That Help Your Business Grow

There are two things that will help your business grow. The first is word-of-mouth marketing and the second is great press coverage. Press coverage from a journalist, reporter, writer, vlogger and blogger covering your industry.

So glad I caught you before you send another email pitching your new product.  Most pitches fail because they aren’t really helpful to a writer.

For stronger pitches, the type that get picked up by the media, use these filters to make sure your story idea/pitch meets the following criteria.
1. Is this story new? Wait, is it really new?
2. Is it newsworthy?
3. Is it timely and on trend?
4. Is it fascinating and shareable?
5. Is it completely factual? Can I back it up w/ studies? statistics?
6. Is it relevant to the journalists reader/viewer? Why would they care?

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