Connecting and Marketing in the Time of Covid

Creating a Community In A Time of Social Isolation

The very essence of marketing is about making connections. This includes your personal brand. The quality and depth of your relationships can carry you through times like these.

The stronger the connection you have to someone, whether it is a client, customer or partner,  the better the chance of building something great together. Something beneficial and financially healthy to all parties.

Almost every transaction in business is about a connection you have.

Truth be told, I have always had a difficult time with deep connections. Yes, I have a big network, but I spent so many nights wondering just how close I could get to knowing a client and how much should they really know about me? What’s too personal to share?

How close is too close?

Business relationships can often feel like a game of poker. So cautious, so careful, so socially conscious. Game face on.

Now that many of us are in isolation, working from home, or perhaps having lost our jobs, this is the perfect time to strengthen our relationships with deeper, more meaningful  conversations. Maybe even more personal conversations. 

It’s the perfect time to be real. Real can lead to better things.

Crazy how a deadly virus can bring us closer together than ever.

Most of us are afraid about what the future holds. Fear for our health and our finances.

Staying in touch helps everyone. Staying in touch with customers, clients and partners.

It can also mend relationships that might have gone sour along the way.

A quick LinkedIn message “Reaching outHow are you handling this right now?”

A simple text “Thinking about you. Let’s get on the phone when you have a moment.”

Perhaps an email to share your status. Share your survival plans.

Now is the time to reach out to everyone you know and talk about real things.

When times are easy, and everything is going smoothly, we tend to be too busy for deeper talk.  We don’t really learn much about each other, especially at work.

Now, is the time to have real conversations so we can strengthen our bonds for the future and we have so many tools. . .FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, WeChat and MailChimp – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

We don’t need to be in the same room, we just need to reach out and truly connect.