Getting Back to Work with A Baseline Level of Panic

Focusing on work in a time like this can almost seem impossible, this Covid-19 has turned our world upside down and inside out.  You try to focus, but then another friend calls or you click on another news update – you get sucked in to the hype, the hysteria and down the rabbit hole you go. It’s distracting, disturbing and dystopian.

However, diving deep into your work can be a healthy distraction.

But how do you go from concentrating on the terrifying fear and anxiety you feel to the glory of the passion project you finally have time to work on?

Remember, just because you are anxious or panicking doesn’t mean you aren’t concentrating. You are – just not on the right things.

You need a plan.  Create an outline and a simple task list to work from. Figure out what it is you need to do specifically, and then create numerous smaller tasks in a list and start to check them off one by one.

This way even if you get distracted, you know exactly what you’re focusing on at any given time, and you can work until you finish it.

Then take a break. Give yourself permission to take a momentary pause – from everything.  Go easy on yourself.  Then get back to work.