From Word-of-Mouth to Web-based Growth

If you are out of work or your business has slowed down from the Covid-19 pandemic, read this real life example, it is inspired by a client that reached out to me that had to learn fast. He needed to pivot his business quickly.

When you begin by focusing on building a website, you are making a huge mistake. 

His name is Doug. He’s a personal trainer in an affluent suburb of Colorado. In-home personal fitness training was how he made his money.  Showing up at client’s doors at 6 am in the morning. Holding them accountable. So much so, that they looked amazing.

His clients would try to keep him a secret until their shredded bodies had friends and family begging to know how did you do it?

Doug was their secret and the word got out.

Word-of-mouth was how he made his bread and butter.

His clients were walking billboards. A testimonial to his talents.

That is, until everyone was stuck at home, in social isolation.

So here he is now, wondering how to hold onto his business when he can’t meet his clients face-to-face. He needs to understand how to go from word-of-mouth recommendations to web based testimonials.

It’s a matter of taking everything that was off line. . . and putting it online.

He is stuck and focusing on the wrong things. He wants his website to be perfect. Every. Single. Word.

Whether you are a lawyer, real estate broker, accountant or graphic designer. Most of you will worry about building a website first.

That is the last of your needs.

If you want to reach new clients and customers, start with social media. Post helpful and valuable information. Include your phone number and email in your bio.

You’re looking for clients right now.

You don’t need a website. You need to make money.