Let’s Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Job Success!

For most people social media is a form of entertainment. A way to relax and connect with friends.

Everyone loves Facebook and Instagram and now even more, TikTok. 

Both can be so enjoyable. 

But what about one of the biggest platforms for your professional network. No one ever thinks of LinkedIn as fun . . .or enjoyable. You go to LinkedIn when you are worried about work. When you are looking for a job. Or in search of new clients. When you’re thirsty.

I am here to say that your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to be lifeless.

Sure you know how to update your status on Facebook and post a 15 sec video to Instagram, but what’s appropriate for LinkedIn?

What works to capture leads on LinkedIn?  How can you stand out? Look like a thought leader? Grab attention?

How to Build a Stronger, Smarter and Optimized LinkedIn Page

It really helps to optimize your page first,  before you go all out with strong leadership content. Did you know you can list up to 50 skills on LinkedIn?

Include your contact info, a quality photo, a detailed bio, past and current employment history, and client testimonials or endorsements on your page.

Viewers only see the first two lines of your bio before they click on it, so be certain to lure them in with two strong sentences.

Give industry insight – be the first to report key industry news and trends. Make sure to include useful takeaways and your unique perspective.

Write and shoot posts (articles) that will be published in your activity area on your profile.  Turning them into videos is an even better idea.

If you are stuck, I am available for a free audit of your LinkedIn page with useful tips and recommendations to help you land your next job or client.  Just send me a message or email me at hello@mj.works and be sure to include a link to your page. I will get back to you within 24 hours.