Helping Health, Beauty, Fashion & Fitness Brands Grow Their Businesses

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As a business marketing coach, I specialize in helping people who are creating and building anything that makes you look and feel great. This includes designers, doctors, trainers, and formulators in health, fashion, fitness and beauty.
Today I will be interviewed by Tyler Wagner on The Business Blast podcast.  He’s received over 130 five star reviews and after listening to his profiles, I highly recommend adding him to your list of business growth gurus.
Working with Wellness Professionals
adam perlman
Health & Wellness Clients
Most recently, I have been working with Duke University’s Dr. Adam Perlman. He is a doctor of functional medicine based out of Charleston, SC and now moving over to Mayo Clinic. I built his website (WordPress) and a series of 28 videos to kick off his blog on alternative therapies in health and wellness and a new type of health & fitness concept that he helped build called Synchronicity. This project had me reaching out to influencers in nutrition, fitness, meditation, yoga, cryotherapy and flotation tanks for collaborations with Dr. Perlman. I did all of the leg work and production and collaborated with Travis and Aja on video and graphics.
soon skincare
Starting Up with Skincare
I just finished a project helping launch @soonkskincare a new Korean skincare brand with a smaller marketing budget. I helped the team by reaching out to vanity media (Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, etc) and at the same time micro bloggers in the beauty space on Instagram. I wrote the pitches, DM’d the bloggers and connected them with skincare enthusiasts around the world. This led to Soon Skincare getting noticed by Nordstroms for a holiday pop up.
Orseund Iris.png
New Fashion Frontiers
Day-to-day I help run the business side of things with the designer of Orseund Iris, an emerging fashion brand. We just launched on Net A Porter this past November and I am happy to say we are into our second buy from them and Bella, Beyonce and Kim are still asking for styles, so we remain humble and continue to create beautiful apparel and accessories for women around the world.
Fitness Mentors.png
Fitness on Instagram
I am in the midst of creating a guide to getting started on Instagram as a fitness brand guide. This will be a lead generation tool for Fitness Mentors, a study guide site for personal trainers trying to pass the very difficult NASM tests.  The guide will include how to develop fitness tutorials that are helpful, useful and valuable to followers, unique hashtag strategies to broaden audience and target new followers along with collaborating with others trainers to build a community of loyalists.
undisputed origin
Emotional Intelligence
I have a passion project that I am working on and it is
It is a website devoted to self-awareness and emotional intelligence. I write each morning about something I am learning about myself and others. I pair each essay with beautiful artwork and credit the artist and post to Instagram. I am devoted to learning each day and read a wide variety of books which I also recommend on the site. I spend equal amount of time writing as I do reading and following other sites on the topic of mindfulness and self-improvement. I believe this practice is important for any business to build brand awareness. Your work can be great but it must be discovered by others.

How to Really (I mean Really) Make Money on LinkedIn

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Now that many popular growth hackers and digital marketers have claimed 2017 as the year of Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn, the ridiculous amount of redundant “How to Win on LinkedIn” articles are filling up my Flipboard pages faster than I can read clickbait headlines.

As a former boutique marketing agency owner billing close to a million a year and now a seasoned, independent growth strategist consulting well-known and emerging health and wellness brands, I have spent most of my career cold calling and canvasing new business prospects.

Over 18 Years of Rising & Grinding

For much of my career, about half of my time was focused on business development and filling project pipelines.  With an expensive office on Fifth Avenue, securing enough work to make payroll and staying on top of the agency’s overhead was one of my biggest daily concerns and simply accepted as the price of doing business. Hustling hard is how I found our clients.

StockSnap_69TMH4ITIE 2.jpg

In the most recent year and a half, some of the most helpful new tools I have found for finding new professional partners are platforms for pairing talent with businesses. Platforms like UpWork, Thumbtack, Freelancer, Clarity and Contently have taken the guess work out of where my next project and/or retained client is coming from. Yes, they all work a bit differently, most have you working for five star reviews and competing against non-native English speakers willing to work for extremely low wages and some attract a more reliable and respectable level of professionalism than others.

A Social Network becomes Your Net Worth

We all know that LinkedIn has become synonymous with business. That’s quite obvious. However, LinkedIn has now become my best kept secret for finding new projects and interesting work assignments. When I heard that LinkedIn was launching Profinder in beta, I was one of the first to apply. I was already a premium member, requesting reviews, building my network, making recommendations, joining groups and  posting valuable content daily, so I knew that LinkedIn would offer a stellar option to finding new businesses to pitch my talent and skills. LinkedIn has also done a great job of building trust into their brand by staying true to their mission of networking professionals and so far my experience on LinkedIn Profinder has not disappointed.

The Work Just Pours into Your Pipeline

Because of its enormous amount of user data, LinkedIn is able to quickly connect freelancers like myself with strong leads based on their keyword searches and companies followed.  Client requests come in and an email alerts me immediately. Profinder is a great option for expert professionals like myself in countless fields.

So far I have connected and began working with and on . .

  • an industry-recognized thought leader in digital strategy and former Chief Digital Officer of Omnicom’s Healthcare Consultancy Group, a $100 million agency group serving pharma, medical device, and healthcare clients. I am helping him write articles on the risks, threats and  the future of online privacy and cybersecurity.
  • the premiere launch of the NYC office for a social video tech firm in sports & entertainment.
  • finance and investment writing assignments for a private wealth management firm based in Montclair, New Jersey.

Working in office situation

How LinkedIn Profinder Works

Much much more than a social site, LinkedIn is a community of professionals – in a business mindset. In my humble opinion, LinkedIn should have launched Profinder years ago.

Their Profinder  talent exchange seamlessly connects you to those who are looking for what you have to offer– leaving you more time to focus on the work you’ve already secured.

  • On boarding is a breeze and sharing your skills as simple as connecting your LinkedIn profile, which you probably already have as you use LinkedIn to highlight your professional career.
  • You can create key messages and choose the types of projects you want to work on by using key words. I specialize in marketing strategy, plans, social media marketing, user experience, video editing and copywriting.
  • Client requests and open projects that best match your profile and preferences are sent directly to you via email.

Right now Profinder is free to use. The only concern I do have is when and how much of the freelance action LinkedIn will decide to scoop up. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that their online workplace remains a benefit to joining LinkedIn’s premium subscription.

By the way, if we haven’t met already, let’s connect on LinkedIn. You can find me here.

Fitness Marketing – Finding New Clients

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The tips in this video are for fitness professionals who are growing their business. I explain the process of building your personal training and fitness brand while creating a remarkable client and customer journey. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.


The Sweet Smell of Success and The Future of Fragrance

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Meet our newest client, Michael Boadi, the creator of Illuminum Perfume, a range of 16 remarkable fragrances. Michael is a passionate and talented perfumer who also has developed a celebrity following in the fashion and beauty world. Prior to the launch of his fragrance collections Boadicea The Victorious and  Illuminum, he has done hair for many fashion shows and advertising campaigns including Gucci, Missoni, Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel. He has worked with some of the world’s most famous photographers and with some of the most beautiful and charismatic women including Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Lopez and Bijork.

Celebrity fans include Kate Middleton (she wore Illuminum White Gardenia Petals on her royal wedding day) and Rhiana who fell in love with the clustered notes of pineapple and black current found in Tahitian Yuzu.

Illuminum is truly intoxicating.


Ginger Pear, an exotic partnering of wild ginger and sparkling pear. Tea blossom joins the ginger to provide a sanguine coolness, while musk renders sweetness at the base.

White Gardenia Petals, a delicate top note of lily, heart notes of white gardenia, muget and jasmine with a amberwood base.

Skin Petals, opening with apple blossom and wild berry and mellowing into a duo of lily of the valley and sweet violet with a base of white amber.

White Datura, opening with a refreshing blend of Baies Rose and Jasmine into a heart note of white Datura oil and a soft and warm base of vanilla.


Tribal Black Tea, a spiced blend of orange and tea notes with the brightness of bergamot and the spice of cardamon. The darkness of black tea blossom brings body

to the center and the mystical incense of sweet amberwood at the base.

Saffron Amber, succulent peach and bergamot melts into ylang ylang and golden saffron with a base note of amber for sweet depth.

Tahitian Yuzu, top notes of pineapple and black currant journeying into a sea of star jasmine and violet with a deep base of soft musk.

Bergamot Blossom, a crisp citrus blend of lemon, blood orange, bergamot, Tunisian Neroli and musk.


Cashmere Musk, contains top notes of coconut and fresh greens, while purple hyacinth lends an exotic flourish and cashmere wood and amber form the base.

Rajamusk, pear blossom and red currant top notes with a heart of lily of the valley and violet petals and base note of white patchouli.

Piper Leather, black pepper and coriander top notes, olibanum and Civet in the heart and base, this is a dry, luxuriant and deviant leather scent.

Wild Berry Blossom, a classic fruity/floral with top note of cassis and a wild heart of berry blossom and peony  with a base note of cedarwood.


Wild Tobacco, exudes the distinguished smell of the gentlemen’s club. Top notes of clary sage and Clove buds open this fragrance with a fanfare of herb and spice. The heart is a blast of Virginian cedar wood tobacco leaves with a base of Labdanum.

Arabian Amber, a hint of Egyptian Beramot trumpets the arrival of this scent followed by exotic ingredients that unfurl as the fragrance settles. A rich symphony of Atlas Cedarwood, Sandalwood from Mysore, Patchouli from Indonesia and Omani Golden Frankinscense.

Scarlet Oud, made from the dark resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria trees (native to Southeast Asia). A multi-layered complex scent redolent of thick smoke, honey, wood, green shoots and mold.

Rose Oud, a femininely charged fragrance of jasmine, Muget and Moroccan Rose. The Oud lends the flowers a smokey, yet honeyed resonance with hints of spice and wood while castoreum endows warmth to the base.

While Michael will be opening his own Illuminum Perfume store in the UK this September, the perfumes are currently available at the Illuminum Perfume Lounge and