The PR Playbook: Fitness Media Coverage for Your Health Brand

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Watch for tips on how to collaborate with fitness editors, media and influencers. . .


When you need to get the word out about your new fitness class, gym, yoga studio or wellness workshop, the fastest way to connect with customers and clients is through influencers and media.  Sign up for for more real life lessons on how to build your fitness, health, wellness and nutrition startup.

In this video I show you how to get started, how to find the writers, bloggers and journalists most likely to collaborate with you and report on your launch and how to connect via email and social media.

It’s been just a few weeks and I have already connected the brand with The NY Daily News, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The NY Post, US News & World Report, Well & Good NYC and TimeOut NY.

Time Out NY


Check out more coverage here NY Daily News and here US News & World Report


What is H.I.I.P. HYPE?

A new fitness experience in New York, created by artist and personal trainer, Sayco Williams, H.I.I.P. HYPE stands for High Intensity Interval Painting. Many exercise and fitness enthusiasts are familiar with high intensity interval training, where someone performs a given exercise for a short interval followed by a rest interval; it’s a very effective and very efficient means of training that can produce impressive results.

Sweat it Out, Brush it Off

H.I.I.P. HYPE puts a brand new spin on this popular style of training by incorporating acrylic painting on canvas into rest periods, allowing participants to express their creativity in a pressure-free group setting.

An Exercise in Creative Self-Expression

No prior painting experience is required; many participants have never painted before. And while some brief and general instructions are given during the warm-up, the goal is unhindered expression; to flow with whatever comes out.

Fun Fitness for All

The exercise portion is all done with bodyweight exercises, meaning minimal equipment requirements and participants of any fitness level can be happily accommodated.

With Brain Boosting Benefits

This combination of physical activity and creative stimulation leads to an amplified mind-body connection, and is a perfect remedy for the hyper-connected, permanently-stressed culture that permeates the world today. A study in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience shows that regular exercisers do better on tests of creativity than their more sedentary peers. Everyone benefits from disconnecting on a regular basis, and taking a HH class is an exhilarating way to reap that benefit and get a great workout in as well.

H.I.I.P Hype classes are also great for people who have become bored with their traditional fitness routine — it’s unlike any other fitness class out there.

How to Work with a PR Agency without Losing Your Mind.

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These tips are for those entrepreneurs and startups who’ve decided to hire a press liaison, or a freelance social media marketer or a larger retainer-based agency.

Note: It’s best to heed this advice before you actually decide to hire one.

However if you’ve decided to blow your marketing budget on a digital agency and you are just not seeing the results you’ve expected, then tune in and follow these recommendations.

Need help navigating the world of PR for your brand? Comment with questions below. I would love to hear from you.

How To Score Media Coverage for Your Brand

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Yes you need press coverage. No you don’t need a press release. What you need are answers to the most important questions that writers, reporters and bloggers want to know.

In this video, I quickly move through the top 20 questions on every media influencer’s mind.

The Top Three Questions on every writer’s mind. . .

  1. What makes your story newsworthy right now? Why is it so timely?
  2. What problem does it solve? And, is it a big problem?
  3. Will readers and viewers want to share your story?

If you need help reaching out to bloggers, vloggers and writers about your brand story, check out The PR Playbook, a crash course in winning over the media and collaborating with influencers.


News Coverage for Your Personal Brand

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Here is an important tip for you to follow when you are reaching out to the media for news coverage. Ask yourself Why??? Why would the audience of USA Today, The New York Times or The Huffington Post care? What stories are they sharing with their friends, family and co-workers and why? Build your story around what matters most to the writer’s audience.

You may have the most remarkable business idea created this year, but it’s just not enough to pitch your startup’s story to a reporter or journalist.

Influencers and journalists want pitches that will get shares. They are looking for news that will be retweeted on Twitter, shared on Facebook, repinned on Pinterest and forwarded through email.

You can increase your chances of news coverage success when you include why the writer, reporter and producer’s audience (their fans and followers) will share the story you are pitching.

So how do you do that? How do you know if your story pitch is a shareable one?

  1. Create an emotive pitch. Get to the heart of the story. Make it moving, inspiring, shocking. Something that will make other’s wake up when they read or watch it.
  2. If you are emailing a pitch to an influencer, craft a headline that arouses curiosity.
  3. Make sure you load it with emotional appeal and if you can leverage some controversy. More from @Jeffbullas here.

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The Smartest Way to Get PR Coverage

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Media outreach can be the bane of any PR/social media manager’s existence. When it comes to the day-to-day in marketing and PR, there is nothing more frustrating than pitching people who aren’t paying attention.

Even if you have the most fascinating and compelling story ever told, reaching out to incredibly busy influencers and reporters can feel like throwing darts into the dark. Some writers and reporters admit to happily deleting over 500 pitches a day. Some even find the purging quite therapeutic.

Babbler, created by two very smart sisters in the PR world, is a more strategic way to share your story with influential writers, journalists, bloggers and reporters on YouTube.

In this inteview, Hannah Oiknine, co-founder of Babbler explains how the social network for media relations works and why it is easier than a source like H.A.R.O.

Babbler is growing daily. Over 300 small and big brands have joined on, including Yelp and Nike and publicists from agencies of all sizes have brought their connections of over 5,000 media members.

If you are a frustrated digital media manager looking for some vanity credentials for your home page or a public relations professional checking out new tech tools, then sign up for a 30-day free trial of Babbler using the code Madeline Johnson today.

The Fastest Way to Get Press Coverage

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I get asked all the time about how to get top tier press coverage in online outlets like Men’s Health, Shape and Prevention.

You don’t need to hire a PR agency to get media coverage for your new health, wellness and fitness brand. What you need is a fast way to build relevant media contacts. Check out my chat with the co-founder of

Do you have questions about how to grow your health and fitness brand? Comment below, I would be happy to help.

How to Do Your Own PR Part 1

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This will be the first of many posts on how to do your own PR. I am also going to turn this into a video class for those of you that are interested. This post is for start ups, small businesses and pioneering entrepreneurs who are on a budget and can’t afford a seasoned public relations professional to represent them.

It’s also for marketing directors and medium sized businesses to help them better understand what to expect from their PR agency or press liaison. It’s all about best practices for the maximum publicity and promotional coverage without paying for advertising or relying on reviews.

Know the difference: “Advertising is saying your good. PR is having someone else say your good.



Tips from a True PR Pro

I have maintained a long and profitable career in PR and have built relationships with the editors of top tier media outlets including AllureGlamour, ElleHarper’s BazaarVogueTown & Country and W Magazines as well as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and influential digital media journalists affiliated with The Huffington Post, Refinery29, and StyleCaster, etc.

While I have spent most of my time representing premiere lifestyle brands including Aveda hair care and cosmetics; The Spas at Fairmont Raffles Hotels; YonKa Paris skincare, Rene Furterer Paris; Carthusia fragrances;  Nasomatto and Morgane Le Fay perfumes, these best PR practices apply to any industry.

Ever Expanding Universe of Media Options

As consumers get closer and closer to their favorite brands on social media; the proper PR strategy deserves extra special attention. Staying on top of the most useful ways to spread the news involves exploring new, innovative ways to amplify your messages and strive to fully leverage the ever-expanding universe of media options, marketing channels and technological innovations that have forever changed the practice of PR.


The PR Skills You Will Build

My intention is to show you the best practices for building a media list, crafting a pitch, approaching a journalist and answering tough interview questions, using the best tech tools so you receive the best possible editorial coverage for your products and services in the most efficient way possible.


boorstinThe Importance of PR 

Yes social media matters and digital marketing is very important for building brand awareness. Equally important is television, print, digital and radio/podcast coverage that validates your company’s existence as a relevant market leader.  Getting media coverage is not easy and takes time, energy and persistence. If you are going to do it yourself, you are going to spend time writing, photographing, recording and documenting your brand’s products and services and training your spokesmen and key ambassadors.





Market Before You Manufacture

The best way to begin is to build a market before you actually manufacture. Get the word out before you hit store shelves.  You don’t want to wait until your product or service is “perfect” because you know it never will be.  However, as Steve Jobs once said, what you want to do is create relevance with your products, services and PR; not just “awareness.” All great media coverage begins with thoughtful, useful and well-designed products and services that make a difference in people’s lives.

Please follow for more How to Do Your Own PR and post your questions in the comments below.


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9 New Ways to Perfect Your Pitch

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If you are trying to create high-quality content and news pitches that produce strong media placements for your brand, these tips will increase your chances of earning coverage by 99%.

  1. Plan ahead. It takes time for a reporter to write a story. For digital, give it at least a six weeks lead-time.
  1. Reseabaseball_steroidsrch the reporter/journalist first. Read their stories and watch their segments. Get to know their beat and go in with that first. Make it super-personalized to them. Follow them on social media. See how they pitch their stories.
  1. Create an interesting subject title, something that really sparks. Something witty and enticing to click open.
  1. Pitch a story, not your company. Include your brand in a broader “trend” story.  If you are a smaller, emerging brand, than stand on the shoulder of giants. If your competition is a part of the “trend” use them in your pitch to make your brand look bigger and brighter. Think about what will help that reporter get more clicks, lure in more readers, sell the news.
  1. Try to tie your story into a topic the journalist has already covered or something timely and interesting happening right now, like a trending topic.
  1. While you are drawing them in, get to the point fast and be concise. Keep it short, sweet and focus on the news, not just your brand. Proofreading also helps. Check for typos and misspells. It happens to the best of us.
  1. Include legit statistics and studies and end with a question – something they might feel they actually have to respond to, like “Would you be interested in sharing this story on ______?
  1. Suggest a reasonable way to follow up – email? phone call? meeting?
  1. Ask if they’d like exclusive coverage. In a sea of sameness, every reporter would love a scoop.

What Really Gets Press Coverage?

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Blog Post Visiual

And the question of the day is –  what actually gets press coverage from the media? If your product isn’t getting the earned editorial props it deserves, perhaps it’s just a matter of telling your story in a different way.

  1. Billion (and gazillion) dollar space research gets press. Is your product “breakthrough” or innovative in anyway?
  2. Scary scientific studies that can kill us or make us very sick for a very long time gets press.  Does your product or service help save us or the planet, if so, how?
  3. People doing bad things – now that gets way too much press.
  4. How technology and the big, bad Internet is always changing everything we do, want, need – gets lots and lots of press.  Does your product fix a big problem? Maybe a problem we don’t even know we have yet?  Well, how big is that problem?
  5. Things we can relate to, like “13 Smells That Every New Yorker is Way too Familiar With” @BuzzFeed  What exactly does your service do to make people feel at one with it?
  6. Things we should worry about  or not worry about, now that gets press.
  7. Trends in fashion, music, food, cars get press. Is your thing a part of a regional or worldwide trend?
  8. Native advertising (an advertisement disguised as a news article) like this pen and paper combo with livescribe app gets a different kind of confusing press. This is not real press.
  9. Stuff that may or may not happen, but we should be anxious about – gets press.
  10. Useful, fun tips and life advice gets press. Can you offer tips, tricks, hacks when using your service?      Need help putting a little spin on your story. Drop us a line at