Your Brain on Pinterest

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Pinterest has been the talk of social media week here in NYC.  Word on the street is that this site represents the best of what an emotionally driven interface can do, while being both sharable and pleasurable. We didn’t think we had one more second in the day for another social sharing website, but then along came Pinterest. We do it for fun.

Pinterest  represents what many websites want to be when they grow up. So does Gojee, Pinterest for foodies.  Can’t get enough? Check out these similar sites –

We heart it

Yay Everyday 

Inspire Me Now 

Fresh Bump 

Fuz Biz 



My Modern Net 

Today’s featured image is a photograph by the talented Claire Oring.

Surefire Marketing Tips for Successful Retail Events

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We’re working on a special event that will take place at The Pond next month in NYC.  Here we present notes from a conference call we had with one of the brands hosting the party, which is open to the public. The objective: create consumer awareness (drawing on the thousands of New Yorker’s and tourists that visit this holiday skating party every year) and sell more stuff.

Don’t assume that because there’s a crowd already there, that they will come.

1. Pre-promote your event at least two weeks before the date – via social media, email and if open to the public, near the event space.

Give them a reason to drop by the party, make it an “experience”.

2. Draw in your crowd with contests, prizes and games.

Special guests need to know what you want them to share.

3.Educate your experts about your brand; especially independent whiz’s who you’ve hired to speak to the public about your company.

Capture your events for those that could not attend.

4. Video and photograph the event for social media platforms, TV b-roll and in-house presentations (don’t forget your model release forms).

Know who you want to invite.

5. Create your guest wish list and focus on inviting them first.

Make sure everyone knows there’s a party going on!

6. Overdose on the signage around your event so that it’s well-promoted.

Don’t be boring. Make it memorable. Get Creative.

7. Make it playful, imaginative and fun – give them something to talk about.

Make sure your staff is quotable.

8. Media train your staff, especially if you are inviting bloggers, writers and producers.

New York Play List #6 November 5, 2011

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One of the inspirations for How Much is Enough?, now at St. Anne’s Warehouse in Brooklyn is The Price of Everything by Eduardo Porter. Eduardo writes about business, economics, and many other matters as a member of the New York Times editorial board. He asks a lot of hard questions.

What will we pay for every moment?  Watch the teaser here.

It was off to Dumbo via way of Williamsburg, which had us stumble upon –

Moon River Chattel

It’s hard to believe this home goods store has been around for 12 plus years and we just made the discovery. After a quick browse, we had a taste of the house favorite at Aurora Ristorante – Try the filling but delicious -gnocchi vongole e carciofi  – lemon scented Yukon gold potato gnocchi with Manila clams, artichokes and Porcini mushroom.

Book before November 27th – How Much is Enough: Our Values in Question, exploring the fundamental concepts of value in our communities. The audience is asked to interact and answer personal questions about what they value. It’s quite the theatrical experiment. Read a pretty accurate review here.

More about the endless pursuit of unnecessary things in this informative Op Ed in The NY Times and some music to move you –

Heartlines by Florence + The Machine

The Fear by Ben Howard

Best Day of Your Life by Katie Herzig

Only Love by Ben Howard

How Much is Enough?

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What’s the most important thing you’ve ever done, that you didn’t want to do?

How Much is Enough is a play that asks what we value, quantitatively in our relation to money and qualitatively by what we hold dear.  ‘Ask’ is the operative word since the piece itself is built entirely of questions posed by three performers to audience members, to each other, to the universe and then some, about how we live our lives, how we create the world together and how we imagine the future.

We have tickets for this evening’s performance at St. Anne’s Warehouse. Visit their site for more.


New York Play List #5 October 29, 2011

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Winter comes early to New York. Off to the Snow ho house for a cozy game of scrabble and sip of something warm and soothing to start the night on slow play. This is not the kind of evening for rushing around.

Looking forward to some funk later on with the fdeluxe at one of the country’s best small stages –Joe’s Pub

The vintage illustration on the blog today is a picture of my power animal.  I found it this week with the help of Shamanista Barnaby Rhue.  This is no ordinary bird. Albatrosses are highly efficient in the air, using dynamic soaring and slope soaring to cover great distances with little exertion.  Now that’s how I want to soar.

Play List recommendations for a slushy/windy/chilly fall evening –

Wishing Well by The Airborne Toxic Event

Winter Beats by I Break Horses

Staircase by Radiohead

Sanctified by fdeluxe

Hold On by SBTKRT (xoxoxox this band)

Non-ordinary reality

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Shamanic Healing Circle on Bethune Street. Requested an extraction healing to clean out some bad ju ju that’s been building up inside.

Never done this before, but the description reads as such:   The shaman journeys to the drumbeat in order to connect with their power animal and spirit guides. Following a brief diagnostic journey, the shaman can then remove bad vibes, nasty hitchhikers, stuck up energy, anger or frustrations. Perhaps banish these pre-winter blues.

- A range of healing practices from native cultures all over the globe which take place through communication with the spirit world. The work is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces and spirits which affect the lives of the living.

New York Play List #4 October 22, 2011

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The pre-game play plan included taking the N or the R down to Cortlandt Street just to see what this Occupy Carny is all about. Truth is, we are just too busy working to get down there during the week.

Occupy Observations

1. Zuccotti Park is much smaller than you think. It’s not a park. It’s more of a “square” with trees and plants.
2. People of every age and stage of life are eating/sleeping and doing God knows what in this “square” but there wasn’t any violence anywhere during our brief visit. Just a lot of blue tarp and people with many different reasons for protesting.
3. No one seemed “angry” or ready to fight; it was more like a circus really. The police just stood by watching and a walk around Zuccotti (which takes all of 5 minutes) revealed –
  • Clowns against Capitalism. yes, clowns.
  • Hindus in a prayer circle – praying for peace? reform? couldn’t really hear, because of those noisy little clowns.
  • A women who lost her job due to “gang stalking” a form of systemic control in the work place. (P.S. she was all alone).
  • Two men giving out $3.00 bogus bailout bucks and “felony deserve notes” with photos of Paulson and Greenspan.
  • One single guy trying to create awareness to help the environmental and socio-economical risks of the proposed Puerto Rico and Power Authority gas pipeline.
  • A few people talking about the elimination of the “fat cat spoils system” and the proposal of a flat 23% fair that would eliminate the IRS.
  • An older gentleman in a suit, educating everyone about “Why the Arab’s hate us.”
  • A grandma, who has gotten her fair share of media coverage, sitting and knitting with a sign about why she is protesting (for her grand kids).
  • Some grown man sitting in a small box with a sign that said “Let’s show China how its done”.  How what is done exactly?
  • An ivy league graduate with a cardboard sign claiming to be an “indentured servant”.
  • A few union workers (hey, they had hard hats on) and two gentlemen, a little early to the Halloween party; claiming they’ll work for money.

Not one uniform message to change anything. No real media coverage at all (well, maybe except for the Wiki Leaks truck).

It was like a carny. But if you read the sign about PR and propaganda, I don’t know if we’d make a whole lot of friends down there.

Never the less, fun at Joe’s Pub listening to Pokey La Farge last night. Love his reference to his case of “laughing heart disease”. Pokey and his South City Three put on an awesome show. Amazing. These guys are working hard to make it and they are so gracious, taking nothing for granted. Not an ounce of self-entitlement.

A taste of Americana straight from St. Louis, Missouri. Take a listen.

So Long Honeybee, Goodbye  and a few other picks from our play list –

It Takes Time to Be a Man by The Rapture

She Walks In So Many Ways by The Jayhawks

Not new, but still fast, cheap and delicious – a mango lassi, cardamom coffee and curry chutney chicken, spinach & balsamic roasted onion dosa with peanut chutney at Hampton Chutney.

A quick walk around Soho to check out new retail. Looks like Chris Burch went on a long trip to China. The C Wonder store is a big huge disappoint. Don’t even bother.

But the libation selection and lighting at The Smile always flatter.

New York Play List #3 October 15, 2011

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Tribeca lost it’s appeal when the stroller brigade marched in many years ago, but we ventured down to City Winery, the brainchild of Michael Dorf, founder of the iconic Knitting Factory.  It was his wish to create a space in Manhattan where he could combine his shared passions for wine and music.

No one told me Mary Louise Parker was in the audience until the last strum on Jay Farrar’s guitar because they thought I’d gawk. Farrar has recently added One Fast Move Or I’m Gone: Music From Kerouac’s Big Sur (F-Stop/Atlantic), a collaboration project with Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie, to his long list of albums.

As for Mary. Click here for five minutes of the Best of Weeds. Still makes us laugh out loud.

We’re kinda sad that we missed the Led Zeppelin wine pairing, but according to the welcoming staff, this is a semi-regular event at City Winery. Music and wine. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Halloween is Haunting Us

Is life not frightening enough? Everywhere we go, Halloween is haunting us. In this economy, really? Make your own costume for God’s sake. In between sets, we went outside to get some fresh air and our jaws dropped at the creepy flame throwers in the street and we questioned the line that was wrapped around the corner for Blood Manor , 5,000 square feet of terror. Eww. We don’t like terror. We are already terrified of daily existence in NYC.

They actually produce wine at City Winery. We snagged a bottle of the Sohovignon Blanc 2010 because it tasted quite yum.

Fun Flow Interuptus

Our fun flow was interrupted this weekend by our upcoming impressive media tour packed with a combination of editorial and strategic partnership networking meetings. Gift bags, press kits, last-minute details like car service to maneuver the jammed streets of mid-town Manhattan next week, kept us working until 6 pm.

We planned on a Rediscover:Tribeca afternoon, here’s what we missed.

  • Window shopping at Aloha Rag
  • A sample of the blood orange truffle and the four peppercorn dark chocolate at Kee’s Chocolates
  • A breeze through The Compleat Sculptor because after visiting the Musee Rodin we are in awe of this particular art form
  • Skimming through the archives of Almodóvar at Taschen
  • Channeling our childhood at Kidrobot
  • Checking out the one of a kind vintage chic at Legacy

And theres something about needlepoint that’s drawing us to the Purl Shop.

We might return once Aamanns/Copenhagen opens, which is rumored to offer more than classic Danish food; it will serve as a meeting point for Danish culture in Manhattan, becoming the home of Danish design, music and art. Annual meals and celebrations such as Julefrokost or “Christmas lunch” will accompany special events including performances by Danish artists and talks with Danish filmmakers among others.

We’ll probably be back to visit the 92YTribeca as well.

New York Play List # 2 October 8, 2011

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New York Play List #2

We went into Hudson Bikes thinking we’d want to buy used bikes (an old English work horse or even a beat up red Schwinn), but we came out with two shiny new ones; a jet black Biria and a handsome British city touring bike.  Nick’s the man at Hudson Urban Bicycles. He was extremely patient as we tried every bike in the joint and even threw in a metal front-loading basket.

The original plan was to ride to the Dekalb Market and to Brooklyn Flea’s 4th Annual Superstar DJ Record Fair + Independent Label Market on Kent Ave.  But after a quick stop on the lower east side to take a look at the construction progress on Wayland (new live music bar soon to open on Avenue C and 9th Street), we packed our new rides into the back of the truck and headed over to Dumbo. Not our first choice, but we had tickets to Floating Kabarrette at the Galapagos Art Center. After the first tame act, I realized that I shouldn’t have taken him to The Box first.

Pricey rents and a small main drag, DUMBO is an acronym standing for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, and the acronym sums up Dumbo’s  location. Dumbo sits on the edge of the East River, looking across to Manhattan. It is an area characterized by cobblestone streets and converted warehouses.

We don’t have an iPod hook up in the old truck, so we couldn’t listen to the playlist created for the day. Some of the music we missed but must share –

Utopia by Yacht

Ivory Teeth Golden Tusk by Monogold

Glow Go the Bones by Bosco Delrey

We parked right under the Manhattan Bridge (circle long enough and you will find a spot) and jumped on our bikes.

I wasted a lot of the week worrying about where we were going to eat in Dumbo if we had too, but by the time we rode to the park, admired the twilight view of downtown Manhattan while gliding along, we ended up just sitting outside at Pedros for some home-made empanadas and margaritas.

My other half hates Dumbo. He just thinks the vibe is really off and that there’s some kind of vortex that happens between the two bridges that puts everyone in a zombie like state. It seems to have become a place for weddings and bachelorette parties. It reminds us of one of those gated “lifestyle communities” in Florida. Really.

But we always seem to attract the colorful and curious no matter where we go. While we were eating on the side-walk of Pedros a white pimped out BMW convertible pulled up playing pounding latin beats. It seems Mr. Pedro came by to check out how biz was doing for the night. Little did he know that he wiped out any sense of authenticity this place had in one slam of the car door.

No sooner did we lip the salt off the rim of the glass did a middle-aged man in vintage plaid skinny pants, a  Croatian named Dex, try to sell us a Fiddly Fig plant for $60.00 with the  ceramic pot, $40.00 without. He’s trying to make it in NY with a nursery business run out of Carrol Gardens and sometimes out of his truck. He said he felt drawn to our table and plopped down to have a smoke.  He said business was booming until just last week, so he brought his plants to the street to try to sell them on the weekends for some extra cash.

After dinner, we had an hour to kill, so of course we stopped by 68 Jay to listen to the live music, we’re suckers for a good fiddle jam.

Chad, chain-smoking on the bench outside Jay’s, reminisced about when Dumbo had its day in the sun. All the artists squatting, live music out of the back of beat up vans and the vibrant energy that made Dumbo come alive. We remember it as when you had to take your battery out of your car if you were visiting a friend in the neighborhood and bring it with you up to the loft.  Chad tells us everyone moved to Berlin and Detroit and it’s just not the way it was.

Now, we’re not hating on Dumbo and Vinegar Hill and we will be back for The Creator’s Project next weekend, but one hour is all you need in this neck of the woods. Stroll across the bridge, take in the view, have a sip of something at 68 Jay and then move on.

An Introduction to Influence

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We were chatting it up with our UK counterpart, a seasoned PR pro who knows a thing or two about how to spin a magical story.  The topic came up about a new store opening he has planned and how his client wanted to have an event, a special grand opening party if you will and invite all the media.

Spin Master disagreed. Grand opening events can bust a budget and unless A + listers are lining up on the red carpet there not the biggest bang for your promotional buck.

We agree with him. Grand opening parties don’t bring on the ink or articles or any/many stories/segments for that matter, let alone the media guests. A much more effective way to really get a writer or editor’s attention is one-on-one and that happens before the champagne is poured and hors d’oeuvres are passed.

The party is for you. The story is for them.

Give each journalist your undivided attention, a private tour and exclusive interview and watch how direct and effective your coverage will be.

Fashionably Yours – Creative and Smarter Customer Engagement

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  Fashion’s Night Out was created in 2009 to inject excitement and cash flow into the sinking fashion and luxury goods industry. Three years later, an international event, it is filled with boundless creative energy and awesome ideas for designers and retailers to create engaging retail experiences all year round; NOT on just one evening of celebration.

Not to take the fun out of a carnival like night of play, but some may  argue that these events don’t necessarily move a company’s bottom line. We argue that when events are strategically  linked to actual purchases and profitable promotions, the benefits of experiential marketing creates brand awareness, customer loyalty, publicity and longer lines at the counter.

Business owners should consider their marketing strategy before planning a retail boosting event-

  • Create actual sales goals for the event. How much do you expect to sell and at what price points will you still be profitable?
  • Develop an event idea to inject excitement into your stores at slower retail times of the year.
  • Focus on your VIP customers when sending out invites and ask them to invite their friends (this should be an invitation-only happening).
  • Merchandise the inventory you have on hand to sell before the event. Make it easier for your customers to shop.
  • Redesign your space/store for the ideal flow of heavier traffic and socializing/shopping.
  • Plan for proper staffing to make the event a profitable success.
  • Measure the success of the evening by the increase in sales, press and new customers.

Fashion’s Night Out is loaded with courageous ideas. Year round ideas that will  lure shoppers in and boost retail sales for your business  –

  • Your offering can be as simple as sipping cocktails and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres to make shopping in your location a bit more relaxed and enjoyable.
  • A photo booth on hand seems to be the “must have prop” of the 2011 FNO (although we are not quite sure, with Instagram taking center stage).
  • Shoppers receive “Denim Therapy” – a free hem with purchase of any jeans at 7 For All Man Kind. Consider how this convenient service can be offered at your location.
  • Make it a game, like the scavenger hunt at Alexander McQueen with  limited number of Fashion Night Out key codes, which can be entered online to win its latest iconic bag, the Folk Tote.
  • Raffles, contests, giveaways, celebrity guests, fashion shows, DJ’s, previews of upcoming collections – get as creative as you can.
  • One of our favorite events in NYC is Tracy Reese’s dance-a-thon, inviting guests to show-off their best moves, in the boutique and even in the store’s windows, with DJ Tyger Lilly to keep the music going all night at her boutique in NYC’s Meatpacking district.

Racked NY  and New York Magazine have curated some of the best places to eat, shop and be entertained in NYC tonight. We can help you create your own Fashion’s Night Out anytime of the year and properly plan and orchestrate it for sales and marketing success.