How to Find Anyone’s Email

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I just got off a marketing strategy consult call with a business owner looking to gather emails for her new campaign. Her list right now is small and she wants to build it so she can sell her new online course and book.

Looking to gather emails for your next email drip campaign?

In this short video, growth hacking pro Vincent Dignan offers up a number of tech tools to find emails faster, including, a chrome extension because cold emails are good, but warm emails are ten times better. will show you all of the Facebook and LinkedIn connections you have in common, making that first introduction a bit easier. will test your emails to make sure they don’t bounce.

CharlieApp will help you prepare for your next meeting. Type in anyone’s email address and you will find all of their public information as you get ready for your next meeting. You will quickly connect to their latest blog posts, new LinkedIn Updates and more.

Of course there’s email hunter, just type in any domain and find email address templates in seconds.

Need help with your email strategy? Next marketing campaign? I am available for consultation. Email me at


Finding Customers and Building Communities

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As a marketing and PR professional, one of the most popular questions that I get asked is. . . “How do I attract new customers and build a community around my brand?” This is a big one, especially for start ups and for traditional brands trying to navigate the world of social media.

As customer communities permeate the walls of traditional business, they have urged brands to include the voice of customers into their operations, strategies and product development. Don’t have anything to share? Begin by listening and sharing posts and relevant information by thought leader’s in your industry.

What else can you do to lure them in?

Identify your core customers and find out where they are sharing on social. Beauty, fitness and fashion can be found on Instagram while health and nutrition on Twitter and Instagram.  You don’t need to be everywhere, you just need to find out where your customers are having relevant conversations. Here are the 21 most important social media platforms worldwide.

Keys to Success

Determine your customer and community’s needs while keeping information short & sweet, listening closely and answering and asking questions for improved engagement.

Shortcuts to help you. . .

Find out who is already talking about you online.

Start a conversation in real time with Spot.IM

How big brands create experiences that customers love.

What Works

Inbound marketing via a dedicated blog, social media posts, landing pages and email notifications have been working well for attracting new customers. You just have to do it consistently.

Follow the Leaders

Take a look at how Adobe, a brand that has one of the largest online communities does it and Bank of America’s online small business community.

Online communities serve a variety of business goals, such as providing service and support, fostering innovation, and building brand equity.

More Community Building Tips

  • Produce and share useful content – ie. how to articles, tip sheets and reviews.
  • Prominently display your social media icons on your website, blog, email and printed material.
  • Repost your followers’ content and interactions with your brand.
  • Share promotions and brand engagement in charitable work.
  • More tips for building an online community from Inc. Magazine.

I hope you found this post useful and I invite you to share your questions with me in the comments below or via email m.johnson@themarketcouncil and on Twitter @marketcouncil

How to Reign Supreme on Social Media

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1. Curate Valuable Content  Content that inspires, amuses, (even a good laugh goes a long way) informs or assists people. If it doesn’t have an instrumental purpose, trash it. Remember it’s not how much you post but how good you post. 

2. Once a Day Just Isn’t Enough  Imagine NPR, CNN, ESPN or BBC only reported once a day – and failed to repeat and cross-promote reports? Post away – all day and night. Yes, you will piss some people off but that will happen anyway.

3. Get Creative – It can’t be said enough how generic and easily anticipated the caliber of Instagram and social media posts have become. The ability to stand out has become that of a science. Think of your social media as a gallery, curate effectively.

4. Let’s Get Visual – According to Citrix, nearly “half of all users have reposted a photo or video they have found online” while 63% of Social Media is composed of images. Targeting a youth culture with an appetite for pictures and distaste for traditional paragraph-styled articles may be a tricky one (Hence, the laundry list phenomenon pioneered by Buzzfeed). Think: images are bait and content is the catch. 

5. No Pushing – Your followers don’t want to feel they are being pushed products 24-7-365 (at least, not explicitly). A brand’s voice should remain authentic and ring true. Your followers can weed through the bull and certainly aren’t afraid to unfollow you or worse, tell you.

6. Give Credit Where Credit is Due – Feeling really inspired by a photo? Do your due diligence and source the photo, even shout-out to the artist’s work. Building relationships via social media increases followers and makes you less intimidating and more approachable.

7. Be Playful and Professional – It’s a balancing act, teetering between relaxed and corporate. You don’t want to come off as too casual or too bland. But don’t be afraid to tweet a #flashbackfriday of your brand’s first campaign or #ootd an intern’s brand-on outfit. Versatility and being relatable in social media always wins.

8. Surface the Unknown – Be curious. Think inside and outside the box. Consult what’s trending on Google News. Alternate news updates with stimulating tech articles like Wired Magazine’s discovery of a “Tool that Boosts Your Privacy by Opening Your WiFi to Strangers.

9. Be Thoughtful  Create a social media calendar. Avoid posting just for the sake of posting. Don’t be lazy and do your research. And specifically, don’t post anything you yourself wouldn’t personally read.

10. Know When to Weigh In – Nowadays, everyone’s a critic and a comedian. It’s important to know when to stand up or sit down. If it’s within your industry and valuable, consider it imminent. If you have to question it, don’t even think about posting it.

Seen in All The Right Places

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Everyone is attempting to create their own strategy on how to use video to increase the quality and quantity of visitors to their site and more clicks to their cart. New startups are popping up claiming to be good at getting your content seen and shared on the right social networks by the right people.

Video seeding technology allows for relevant video using semantic technology to automatically match videos to your respective audiences. Today we were told (by a leading video syndication company) that video on your site can increase engagement and length of time spent with you by 50%.

There is a difference between social video seeding vs. video ad networks. Click here for a decent explanation.

Video Seeding companies

Selling distribution but outsourcing their delivery

 Video Ad Networks

 If you are creating your own video to syndicate consider this:

  • Video should support editorial content
  • Content should spark interest and be enjoyable to watch
  • Celebrities are a huge draw
  • For bigger syndication, stay away from user generated video and/or blatantly branded video
  • Create a calendar of videos to launch that are themed and timed to release around important events
To stay ahead of trends in video, check Reel SEO

The Sweet Smell of Success and The Future of Fragrance

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Meet our newest client, Michael Boadi, the creator of Illuminum Perfume, a range of 16 remarkable fragrances. Michael is a passionate and talented perfumer who also has developed a celebrity following in the fashion and beauty world. Prior to the launch of his fragrance collections Boadicea The Victorious and  Illuminum, he has done hair for many fashion shows and advertising campaigns including Gucci, Missoni, Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel. He has worked with some of the world’s most famous photographers and with some of the most beautiful and charismatic women including Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Lopez and Bijork.

Celebrity fans include Kate Middleton (she wore Illuminum White Gardenia Petals on her royal wedding day) and Rhiana who fell in love with the clustered notes of pineapple and black current found in Tahitian Yuzu.

Illuminum is truly intoxicating.


Ginger Pear, an exotic partnering of wild ginger and sparkling pear. Tea blossom joins the ginger to provide a sanguine coolness, while musk renders sweetness at the base.

White Gardenia Petals, a delicate top note of lily, heart notes of white gardenia, muget and jasmine with a amberwood base.

Skin Petals, opening with apple blossom and wild berry and mellowing into a duo of lily of the valley and sweet violet with a base of white amber.

White Datura, opening with a refreshing blend of Baies Rose and Jasmine into a heart note of white Datura oil and a soft and warm base of vanilla.


Tribal Black Tea, a spiced blend of orange and tea notes with the brightness of bergamot and the spice of cardamon. The darkness of black tea blossom brings body

to the center and the mystical incense of sweet amberwood at the base.

Saffron Amber, succulent peach and bergamot melts into ylang ylang and golden saffron with a base note of amber for sweet depth.

Tahitian Yuzu, top notes of pineapple and black currant journeying into a sea of star jasmine and violet with a deep base of soft musk.

Bergamot Blossom, a crisp citrus blend of lemon, blood orange, bergamot, Tunisian Neroli and musk.


Cashmere Musk, contains top notes of coconut and fresh greens, while purple hyacinth lends an exotic flourish and cashmere wood and amber form the base.

Rajamusk, pear blossom and red currant top notes with a heart of lily of the valley and violet petals and base note of white patchouli.

Piper Leather, black pepper and coriander top notes, olibanum and Civet in the heart and base, this is a dry, luxuriant and deviant leather scent.

Wild Berry Blossom, a classic fruity/floral with top note of cassis and a wild heart of berry blossom and peony  with a base note of cedarwood.


Wild Tobacco, exudes the distinguished smell of the gentlemen’s club. Top notes of clary sage and Clove buds open this fragrance with a fanfare of herb and spice. The heart is a blast of Virginian cedar wood tobacco leaves with a base of Labdanum.

Arabian Amber, a hint of Egyptian Beramot trumpets the arrival of this scent followed by exotic ingredients that unfurl as the fragrance settles. A rich symphony of Atlas Cedarwood, Sandalwood from Mysore, Patchouli from Indonesia and Omani Golden Frankinscense.

Scarlet Oud, made from the dark resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria trees (native to Southeast Asia). A multi-layered complex scent redolent of thick smoke, honey, wood, green shoots and mold.

Rose Oud, a femininely charged fragrance of jasmine, Muget and Moroccan Rose. The Oud lends the flowers a smokey, yet honeyed resonance with hints of spice and wood while castoreum endows warmth to the base.

While Michael will be opening his own Illuminum Perfume store in the UK this September, the perfumes are currently available at the Illuminum Perfume Lounge and

The Future is Now

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Rapid Response Marketing

Everyone on The Market Council team carries a series of iPhones and Androids ready to “grow it on the go” for our clients. We scan emails; post to Facebook;  capture and create client Instagrams; shoot and share YouTube videos; send larger graphic files via YouSendit and receive messages on Twitter . . .

This is how we roll.  Our ever-expanding roles as designers, marketing pros and PR liaisons is now about more customer contact, sharing important information with the public and being as transparent and honest as possible with our client’s fans and strategic partners. Welcome to the party.

Yesterday, we put those phones down on the conference room table for what felt like a five-hour face-to-face meeting with one of our fastest growing clients. Our hearts began to beat faster when we realized there wasn’t really any service on the lower level of the building.

Constantly connected? Half day in-person meetings? Wonder what Tim Ferris would say about that?

The entire time, we were pretty concerned about –

  • The sweet customer from Gainesville, Florida we were DM-ing on Twitter about the complaint she had for client X.
  • The new artwork we had to upload to the digital billboard in Orlando, Florida for client Y.
  • The broadcast email we were getting approved that had to be sent to over 30 franchisees for client Z
  • The promotion we had to switch out on our client’s owned media platforms (their website and blog).
  • The blogger who needed a fact sheet and high res photos for her review of our client’s new launch.  . . .

And to think we thought we were already proactive promotional pros? Real-time marketing. The future is now.

Captcha Your Market

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CAPTCHA prevents bots from automatically submitting your form. These web bots are programs that leech through the web pages. When it finds a form, it fills the form with a spam message and submits it.

Captcha also offers custom ads with your slogan instead of random letters and numbers.

There’s “slide to fit” and “cost per type” (customers type in your brand or slogan to “engage”).

Crazy Captcha pictured here, courtesy of Random Good Stuff .

What sort of incremental revenue can I expect from AdsCaptcha? Ask Quora.

What’s the Buzz about Facebook Shopping?

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According to Retail Tech Blog, 86% of Top 500 Retailers now have presence on Facebook. But having a Facebook presence is just the beginning. Services like Beetailer are helping companies bring their stores to Facebook to grow their business and sell their products.

Beetailer is a service that allows you to integrate your existing online shopping experience with Facebook, which allows you to display your products so Facebook users can discover, comment, share, and purchase them.  Another similar app is Payvment.

When combined with engaging Facebook fan activities (like polls, contests and sweepstakes) as well as sharing editorial reviews and offline campaigns, these apps will move your fans from “like” to “shop” in just a few clicks.

As marketers, we  like the real-time research that Beetailer provides, like  historical information about visitor’s preferences and behavior.  The analytics tools also allow us to find out which campaigns are working and why.

These services also connect with Magento and Shopify e-commerce platforms. A few examples using the Payvment service include model, turned retailer, Molly Sim’s Facebook store and Gibson Guitars lifestyle shop.

According to third-party studies, there are nearly 700 million Facebook users. Click here for current statistics.

How Popular is Facebook Places?

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Location based services like Facebook Places and Four Square usage is still too nascent to take away any real analysis. Could it be that consumers are concerned about their privacy and sharing where they are at any particular moment? Possibly.

Seven of the top 10 check-in sites for these services are airports, according to a study by Wildfire Interactive, with the top 10 including airports, Disneyland, Times Square — and Facebook’s headquarters.

Studies show that only seven percent of all mobile users currently use check in services and businesses are struggling to determine how big of a deal these services really are and how much of it is just hype.

Only time will tell. Regardless, local business should claim their Facebook Place pages and consider listening to what their customers are telling them about what is most interesting and noteworthy about their products and services. This will enable them to tap into that conversation stream and use it to inform and entertain prospects about new launches and offerings.

And although free local pages could give businesses an initial viral boost, Facebook will continue to lure these businesses to ad placement on their site.

The Law of Svpply & Demand. The Importance of Building a Social Shopping Experience.

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a wiser shopping experience

Adding a social layer to your shopping experience leverages the web’s community-building capabilities and can really help you listen to your customers, create better products and stay current and relevant. If you have been waiting, it’s time to get in the game.

One of our favorite sites is Svpply. Svpply is a community of people discovering the things they love. This site keeps track of the things they want to buy, or browse with a personal feed of products from across the web, curated by the people and stores they find interesting. This is a more social, more connected, more interesting and unique way to shop and  an important part of your brand experience.

The premise is that discovery should be social and the world is full of cool stuff that everyone can share with others to build a community and for the seller, a cult like following.

And it’s not just about shopping. It’s about travel and planning. Another new sharing site launches next week. Whereberry gives friends the ability to share their list of things to do together.

Giantnerd is a great example of a company sharing it the right way. This is a place where outdoor enthusiasts can utilize social technology to communicate with others, ultimately making smart, educated purchases in a niche community.

Last month Facebook launched the “Send” button in a bid to persuade retailers and other web sites to replace “send to a friend” with the social network’s features. The button is a social plug-in, a single line of code a retailer can add to its e-commerce site to link to Facebook. But this is only the beginning.

If you are a retailer, ask the question – how do we redesign the buying experience for our customers? How do we incorporate social technology to add value to our shopping experience? And most importantly, how can we use it to listen to our customers?