Your Top 5 Health & Fitness Marketing Questions Answered

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  1. Q. I’m launching my business in two months, when should I start marketing my business.   A. Now.
  2. Q. How should I begin marketing my business on line? A. With a marketing plan and a clear strategy.
  3. Q. Should I start with Facebook and Instagram Ads?  A. No. Start with organic posts first.
  4. Q. How can I increase sales on my website? A. Brand awareness through links to your site.
  5. Q. Where do I find influencers to review my products. A. Instagram

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Marketing Your Business Blindly & Building it in a Bubble

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I am working on a video tutorial today on how to research and test before you build your business. It will also be useful if you are looking for ways to make it grow.   I will be sure to share it on this blog once it’s posted.  Market research is really important, yet most brands keep on fumbling along without it.

So many companies that I work with tend to build in a bubble. They forget to find out more about their customers, investigate the competition or look for trends on the horizon.

You need to know the lay of the land. You can’t promote just because everyone says “oh this really works”. You need a marketing map people. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your business and you can’t build anything big in a bubble.



Image from – recreating the Martian experience.


Shopping for a Brighter World

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How to turn your boring retail experience into mind candy for the buying brain – secrets for selling to the subconscious mind. Click the link above and check out this neuroscience gem.

Step 1. Create multi-sensory experiences as you educate and entertain your customers while mixing high-tech with high-touch for the ultimate retail experience.

Step 2. Get on board and arm yourself with the smart shopping apps that your customers are downloading . . .

Consmr -a Yelp-styled app of consumer goods, where you can scan bar codes with your phone to see ratings, reviews, alternatives and product recalls.

Want to know whether to wait to see if something will go on sale? – check out Decide -an app that will help you know whether to buy or wait. You can set price alerts for items on your shopping list and search stores near your home or office.

RedLaser allows for on-the-fly comparison shopping with a multifunctional scanner that works by reading QR codes.

And yet another app, Slice helps you track and organize online shopping.

Now, onto tackling the million dollar question- How do we convert all this attention and engagement into actual retail sales transactions?

5 Really Inspiring Social Media Campaigns

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Here we list five difference ways your brand can boost it’s social media scorecard.

1. Maintaining a creative and engaging social media presence, like Uniqlo, the Japanese fashion brand on virtual scrap booking site Pinterest. Announcing contests like 100 Wonderqubes, a unique fashion recycling program, innovative and functional fabrics and their latest collections. Get inspired by widening your brand’s presence by sharing  across multiple channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  Tumblr and Youtube.

2. Entertaining your consumer with storytelling through short films like “The Tale of a Fairy”  by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Cruise 2012.

3. Studying your consumer by using social media monitoring for market research.   Listen, measure, understand and engage by working with companies like Sysomos.

4. Building your presence with your best enthusiasts and influentials while collaborating with savvy customers and letting those that are closest to your brand identity help attract new customers. Cherry picking and then featuring your favorite customers to share your brand values, like J. Crew’s  HelloWorld   Take a lesson from Dos Equis as they share knowledge you never knew you needed at The Most Interesting Academy.

5. Using smart phones and tablets to help revolutionize the way your customer’s shop with you. Shopkick, is a free location-based shopping app which works with Androids and iPhones. It currently has more than three million users.

Trend Spotting & Anticipating Demand

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How does one go beyond simply understanding current customer needs to spotting trends early and predicting where demand will go? Trend Spotting fascinates us.

One way is to look at customer and consumer trends (lifestyle, workstyle, fads, demographics) to anticipate how to interact with emerging trends.

Another way is by anticipating demand. You should pay attention to what people are looking forward to in the near and not to distant future. Authors can use this information to decide what to write about and companies and brands can decide what to manufacturer and market.

Take a look at what’s powered by Trendrr a New York-based business intelligence platform for digital and social media.

NY Magazine Anticipation Index (what people are most excited about in entertainment and pop culture)

VH1 Buzz Cast and Bravo.TV’s Tweet Tracker which engages fans in an interactive experience that increases a user’s time on page and compliments on-air activity.

Smoking Hot Storytelling -Behind the Scenes Branding

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Two hunky NYC Firefighters came into our client’s center to get waxed for their fundraising calendar today. OMG, it’s almost better that we didn’t photograph them. Leaves more to the imagination.

Great storytelling isn’t just for marketing execs, communication directors and PR reps. Sharing stories is also the responsibility of the front liners, those in direct contact with customers. Everyone in the company must be able to tell  great stories about the brand, including the sales associates, receptionists, managers and the greeters. And they can’t just tell the story – they have to learn how to share it – so they can  let their customers fill in the blanks, you know, engage.

That’s why we make sure everyone has the facts straight.

As marketing professionals, we develop the key messages, engaging dialogue and brand stories for our clients and then we go out into the field and train our client’s staff, so that they can share it all with the world. Share that is. . . not preach.

One of the most important aspects of our client responsibilities is the behind the scenes training that we do on a daily basis to make sure that everyone in our client’s company is speaking the same language and telling a similar story to the hundreds of customers seen daily.

We also make sure the stories ring true to their Facebook updates, tweets and blog posts as well as the editorial coverage they receive in national and local media outlets. All in the name of consistent brand messaging.

We do this by coming in before opening and sometimes after closing to meet with retail staff and management to review our client’s brand promises, mission and all of the fun details about the company that makes shopping at their locations so unique. We do this often and we listen to those in touch with the customers every day. And that is how we know about our bravest coming in for a back wax.

Sharing stories really helps keep everyone in the loop, excited about the brand and communicating for success.

The Power of Personalization

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Brands that create positive experiences to gain emotional involvement are getting it right.

Experience branding takes into account all of the touch-points a customer has with your brand.  It goes beyond just marketing, where touch-points are simply components in the marketing campaign. The power of personalization should be incorporated into sales, customer service, operations, services and social media.

Marketing is getting very personal and the power of personalization cannot be underestimated.  The goal is to anticipate what your customer wants and needs from your brand based on their previous visits and what’s new and exciting that you have to offer them now. If the customer is new, than be sure to get to know what they are all about. Their likes, dislikes, habits and what brought them to your brand in the first place.

  • London’s Red Carnation Hotels has guests fill out a special request form prior to their stay and then personalizes the experience with thoughtful touches like i-Pods pre-loaded with customized media and customized jogging maps of the local area for guests.
  • HSN Launches ‘HSN ID’ (a personalized mobile shopping experiences) and a customized way for consumers to access HSN’s special offers, live broadcast and more,at their convenience on their Sprint ID Android phone.
  • Diesel, the fashion brand, has created an augmented reality where people can create their own laws on their very own island.
  • The Spa Villagio  takes personalized indulgence to a new level with an exclusive space where a customized spa experience is crafted with the guests choice of scents, sound, and spa refreshments for treatments and therapies.
  • Ladies can transform their wardrobe with Linda, the bra lady. Customers get the perfect bra fitting for everything from swimwear to evening wear.
  • A personalized sports program and nutritional analysis await you at the One and Only Resort spas.
  • Whether it’s polar, desert, jungle, mountain or river, Epic Tomato’s  has taken a unique and personalized approach to adventure expeditions around the world.
  • Nike hit the ground running with the ultimate custom design process at Nike id.
  • Smythson’s brand heritage was built around personalization with customized calling cards and personalized stationary

Brands don’t need big budgets to personalize their customer’s experiences. They just need to pay (detailed) attention to their customers.