Creating More Shareable Content

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In this video, I explain how to use the free version of software like Buzzsumo to find content that has been shared so you can get inspired to make your next video, article or post even that more viral.

Big news today. I was approved as a expert for Clarity links you with expert consultants to help you with your business.  You can connect with me here and we can schedule a call to help take your brand to the next level.

Social Media for Health & Fitness Coaches

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The most shared content in health, wellness, fitness & nutrition will –

1. Demonstrate a quick how to
2. Motivate and challenge your audience
3. Share the benefits and your expertise
Here, in this quick video, demonstrations from @FitMenCook, @JayCardiello and @JenSinkler

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

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If you are building a business (especially in health and wellness) and you are slammed with way too much social media marketing to do, watch this quick video on how to simplify the process and make it easier on yourself.  Your strategy should be equal parts creation and curation.  If you need help or recommendations on how to power up your social media marketing, send me a tweet @marketcouncil on Twitter. I’d love to connect.

Finding Customers and Building Communities

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As a marketing and PR professional, one of the most popular questions that I get asked is. . . “How do I attract new customers and build a community around my brand?” This is a big one, especially for start ups and for traditional brands trying to navigate the world of social media.

As customer communities permeate the walls of traditional business, they have urged brands to include the voice of customers into their operations, strategies and product development. Don’t have anything to share? Begin by listening and sharing posts and relevant information by thought leader’s in your industry.

What else can you do to lure them in?

Identify your core customers and find out where they are sharing on social. Beauty, fitness and fashion can be found on Instagram while health and nutrition on Twitter and Instagram.  You don’t need to be everywhere, you just need to find out where your customers are having relevant conversations. Here are the 21 most important social media platforms worldwide.

Keys to Success

Determine your customer and community’s needs while keeping information short & sweet, listening closely and answering and asking questions for improved engagement.

Shortcuts to help you. . .

Find out who is already talking about you online.

Start a conversation in real time with Spot.IM

How big brands create experiences that customers love.

What Works

Inbound marketing via a dedicated blog, social media posts, landing pages and email notifications have been working well for attracting new customers. You just have to do it consistently.

Follow the Leaders

Take a look at how Adobe, a brand that has one of the largest online communities does it and Bank of America’s online small business community.

Online communities serve a variety of business goals, such as providing service and support, fostering innovation, and building brand equity.

More Community Building Tips

  • Produce and share useful content – ie. how to articles, tip sheets and reviews.
  • Prominently display your social media icons on your website, blog, email and printed material.
  • Repost your followers’ content and interactions with your brand.
  • Share promotions and brand engagement in charitable work.
  • More tips for building an online community from Inc. Magazine.

I hope you found this post useful and I invite you to share your questions with me in the comments below or via email m.johnson@themarketcouncil and on Twitter @marketcouncil

Social Content Management

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Social Content Management . . .it isn’t easy, but it’s positively necessary for most new businesses.

From what we hear around our office workspace, this is what many small and medium size business owners are  currently plotting as they attempt to set sail into the sea of social everything.

  • Concern about the quality and integrity of the content they are publishing and  whether  they are reaching their customers during critical moments along their buying path.
  • Worry over the role of the “social content manager” – and high expectations to deliver value, day in and day out.
  • Curiosity about companies like and their  “Distributed Engagement Channel.” Is it necessary? Is it expensive?
  • The real challenges involved in positioning their company(s) as “thought leaders“.  Tip . . .write/film/tweet and share like a journalist, not a sales representative.
  • Locating the best source of content (educational/inspirational/operational) for “micro entrepreneurs“. Some of our favorites -everything from @Fastcompany,  You’re The Boss blog @nytimes,  @entmagazine  blog(s)
  •  And finally, their  ever-changing technology roadmap when technology is emerging at the speed of light.