Helping Health, Beauty, Fashion & Fitness Brands Grow Their Businesses

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As a business marketing coach, I specialize in helping people who are creating and building anything that makes you look and feel great. This includes designers, doctors, trainers, and formulators in health, fashion, fitness and beauty.
Today I will be interviewed by Tyler Wagner on The Business Blast podcast.  He’s received over 130 five star reviews and after listening to his profiles, I highly recommend adding him to your list of business growth gurus.
Working with Wellness Professionals
adam perlman
Health & Wellness Clients
Most recently, I have been working with Duke University’s Dr. Adam Perlman. He is a doctor of functional medicine based out of Charleston, SC and now moving over to Mayo Clinic. I built his website (WordPress) and a series of 28 videos to kick off his blog on alternative therapies in health and wellness and a new type of health & fitness concept that he helped build called Synchronicity. This project had me reaching out to influencers in nutrition, fitness, meditation, yoga, cryotherapy and flotation tanks for collaborations with Dr. Perlman. I did all of the leg work and production and collaborated with Travis and Aja on video and graphics.
soon skincare
Starting Up with Skincare
I just finished a project helping launch @soonkskincare a new Korean skincare brand with a smaller marketing budget. I helped the team by reaching out to vanity media (Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, etc) and at the same time micro bloggers in the beauty space on Instagram. I wrote the pitches, DM’d the bloggers and connected them with skincare enthusiasts around the world. This led to Soon Skincare getting noticed by Nordstroms for a holiday pop up.
Orseund Iris.png
New Fashion Frontiers
Day-to-day I help run the business side of things with the designer of Orseund Iris, an emerging fashion brand. We just launched on Net A Porter this past November and I am happy to say we are into our second buy from them and Bella, Beyonce and Kim are still asking for styles, so we remain humble and continue to create beautiful apparel and accessories for women around the world.
Fitness Mentors.png
Fitness on Instagram
I am in the midst of creating a guide to getting started on Instagram as a fitness brand guide. This will be a lead generation tool for Fitness Mentors, a study guide site for personal trainers trying to pass the very difficult NASM tests.  The guide will include how to develop fitness tutorials that are helpful, useful and valuable to followers, unique hashtag strategies to broaden audience and target new followers along with collaborating with others trainers to build a community of loyalists.
undisputed origin
Emotional Intelligence
I have a passion project that I am working on and it is
It is a website devoted to self-awareness and emotional intelligence. I write each morning about something I am learning about myself and others. I pair each essay with beautiful artwork and credit the artist and post to Instagram. I am devoted to learning each day and read a wide variety of books which I also recommend on the site. I spend equal amount of time writing as I do reading and following other sites on the topic of mindfulness and self-improvement. I believe this practice is important for any business to build brand awareness. Your work can be great but it must be discovered by others.

Secrets to Building a Fast Following on Instagram

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Here are a few great Instagram tips to help you build a following from Vincent Dignan, creator of Secret Sauce, a growth hackers guide.

  1. Find the fans that love you most. They like everything you create. Follow them and start to follow all of their followers and use the hashtags that they are using. Congratulations you have just infiltrated their community, as they begin to tag their friends and followers on your posts.

2.How to use #hashtags

Don’t use the main stream hashtags, they are too popular and your posts will get lost. Instead, use smaller ranking hashtags that are more specific to your market. Use smaller hashtags that fewer people use, but those who do, absolutely love what you are posting about.

3. You will rank for a hashtag on Instagram if you get enough likes in the first 15 minutes. This is what you should always be anchoring towards.

So how do you get traffic from Instagram?

4. Overcome the problem of only viewing Instagram traffic as direct traffic on Google analytics. Direct fans to where you want them to go.

Set up a landing page on your website for Instagram to avoid visits showing up as direct traffic on google analytics.

5. Add a link to where you want them to go – the landing page you created and create an offer – an unbelievable offer on that page.

6. Find hashtags you can trend for, the way @Foundr magazine did and went from 0-110K followers in a  month.

7. You can reply to your own Instagram post and add hashtags within 1st 10 mins of posting. This increases your chances of trending for a tag.

8. Two best ways to produce engagement on Instagram -Double tap if you agree and Tag someone who . . .

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Finding Customers and Building Communities

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As a marketing and PR professional, one of the most popular questions that I get asked is. . . “How do I attract new customers and build a community around my brand?” This is a big one, especially for start ups and for traditional brands trying to navigate the world of social media.

As customer communities permeate the walls of traditional business, they have urged brands to include the voice of customers into their operations, strategies and product development. Don’t have anything to share? Begin by listening and sharing posts and relevant information by thought leader’s in your industry.

What else can you do to lure them in?

Identify your core customers and find out where they are sharing on social. Beauty, fitness and fashion can be found on Instagram while health and nutrition on Twitter and Instagram.  You don’t need to be everywhere, you just need to find out where your customers are having relevant conversations. Here are the 21 most important social media platforms worldwide.

Keys to Success

Determine your customer and community’s needs while keeping information short & sweet, listening closely and answering and asking questions for improved engagement.

Shortcuts to help you. . .

Find out who is already talking about you online.

Start a conversation in real time with Spot.IM

How big brands create experiences that customers love.

What Works

Inbound marketing via a dedicated blog, social media posts, landing pages and email notifications have been working well for attracting new customers. You just have to do it consistently.

Follow the Leaders

Take a look at how Adobe, a brand that has one of the largest online communities does it and Bank of America’s online small business community.

Online communities serve a variety of business goals, such as providing service and support, fostering innovation, and building brand equity.

More Community Building Tips

  • Produce and share useful content – ie. how to articles, tip sheets and reviews.
  • Prominently display your social media icons on your website, blog, email and printed material.
  • Repost your followers’ content and interactions with your brand.
  • Share promotions and brand engagement in charitable work.
  • More tips for building an online community from Inc. Magazine.

I hope you found this post useful and I invite you to share your questions with me in the comments below or via email m.johnson@themarketcouncil and on Twitter @marketcouncil

The PR – Tech Paradigm Shift and How to Stay Relevant

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During a time when the tech landscape masks and molds everything in its path, it’s baffling to imagine that PR is much recently experiencing a laggard affect in its evolution towards a tech-embedded model. As ‘Ad Tech’ took the advertising industry’s helm several years ago, Public Relations is realizing a movement towards a new frontier contingent upon technology’s ability to calculate facts and figures. Therefore, PR budgets can be visibly measured as well as their results, further backed with tangible hard-facts. PR has become something like a science. In order to stay relevant with today’s tech climate change, PR must do what it does best; centralize its methods in successfully communicating magnetic and captivating messages with an authentic, endearing and ambitious voice. Ultimately, think as marketing pioneer and investor Geoffrey Moore does, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” With today’s tech tools, measuring PR costs will allow companies to see the need for word-of-mouth, reliable exposure during an age of overwhelming advertising presence. An environment coded with hyper-exposure to advertising will inevitability, exhaust its members, having them subconsciously veer for something more real and less forced. Amidst the chaos of visual ad overload of 2,000+ daily advertisements, tailored emails and the like, the need for authenticity and depth will certainly outcast itself. As Eloquently stated by Jeff Pyatt, the head of PR at Outbrain featured in Mashable’s recent article, Will PR Tech Be the Next Marketing Frontier?”

“PR has always produced powerfully persuasive content experiences — especially earned media. But what’s changed in the content landscape is that we now need scalable distribution, engagement, and ultimately attribution.”

Socially Savvy Beauty Brand PR

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Adding personality with a unique “voice” to your brand on social media can take your platforms to an entire new level of engagement. Here are five simple things you can do to begin creating a social media campaign with soul.

1. Add a unique quote that reveals the emotional connection to your brand on your company’s Twitter  profile, in the bio section “About yourself in less than 160 characters” like @BarneysNY

2. Create Pinterest boards with a purpose like BloomingdalesBe the first to get the scoop

3. Let your customers shine on Facebook by designing a Facebook page for your fans to follow with messages that speak to your customer – not your brand, like the Jane Iredale What makes YOU glow? campaign.

4. Pay homage to your heritage as Keihl’s has done on Pinterest and add boards that connect people with secondary interests like Kiehl’s “Must Love Dogs” board.

5. Let your images do the sharing by using more photos and less words on Tumblr like Oscar’s PR Girl


Social Content Management

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Social Content Management . . .it isn’t easy, but it’s positively necessary for most new businesses.

From what we hear around our office workspace, this is what many small and medium size business owners are  currently plotting as they attempt to set sail into the sea of social everything.

  • Concern about the quality and integrity of the content they are publishing and  whether  they are reaching their customers during critical moments along their buying path.
  • Worry over the role of the “social content manager” – and high expectations to deliver value, day in and day out.
  • Curiosity about companies like and their  “Distributed Engagement Channel.” Is it necessary? Is it expensive?
  • The real challenges involved in positioning their company(s) as “thought leaders“.  Tip . . .write/film/tweet and share like a journalist, not a sales representative.
  • Locating the best source of content (educational/inspirational/operational) for “micro entrepreneurs“. Some of our favorites -everything from @Fastcompany,  You’re The Boss blog @nytimes,  @entmagazine  blog(s)
  •  And finally, their  ever-changing technology roadmap when technology is emerging at the speed of light.

Socially Savvy

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You know what they say about social don’t you?  If you’re not there, the conversation will still happen without you. Not sure what to share? Start with insights, thoughts and news from your company. These platforms are a real opportunity for very personalized customer service.

Social cheat sheet

  • Facebook: The timeline makes it easy to mark milestones to present day. This is where your branded content should be.
  • Twitter: The best for sharing the voice and unique POV of your brand. Also ideal for real-time updates, and useful for customer service.
  • Tumblr: A  blogging platform for visual posts. Welcome to a community that loves to share.
  • Instagram: A visual alternative to Twitter; a real-time and more intimate behind-the-scenes look at your brand through photos.
  • Pinterest: the place for inspiration organized by scrap booking themes. This site is a traffic driver for retailers.

Quick Stats

As of December 2011 Facebook has 845m monthly active users, 483m daily active users, 80% of traffic from outside the US and Canada. The average user has 130 friends and likes 80 pages. There are also 2bn posts liked and commented on everyday. Facebook remains the most important social media platform for marketers if anything because of its sheer size. Focus on the heritage of your brand with timeline. It’s about what you love and who you are. Not what you sell.


Estimated to have exceeded 500m registered users in February 2012, adding a further 1m accounts per day. Now over 1bn tweets every 4.5days. Top three countries are the US (100m+ users), Brazil (33.3m+ users), and Japan (29.9m+ users).


15bn monthly impressions from an audience of 120m people worldwide. The average user spends upwards of 30 minutes on the site each day; only 40-45% of them are from the US. Europe and South America are big growth areas.  behind-the-scenes, more in-depth portrayal of what the company offers to have full control over what their page looks like.


Estimated to now have 25m users worldwide, up from 15m in December 2011. Uploads of about 4.5m images per day. enables users to manipulate their pictures with filters that are similar to old-fashioned darkroom techniques. A great way to find out what inspires your customers.


 In January 2012, it became the fastest  site in history to pass 10m users – its real numbers were 11.7m unique monthly visitors. 87% of those users are female, and 80% are between the ages of 25-54. A great research tool to find out what your customers like.

Social Media Week Kick Off

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Owned and operated by CrowdCentric Media, LLC,  Social media week starts today and is packed with amazing live events around the world.   From Hamburg to Hong Kong, Social Media Week is an opportunity to learn about some of the newest ways to connect and meet with many of the brightest minds in the industry. We are racing out the door to begin our busy New York schedule (the events are happening from today until Friday 2/17/2012). One of the best things is that you can attend from your office or home because many of the events can be seen via livestream.