Trend Spotting & Anticipating Demand

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How does one go beyond simply understanding current customer needs to spotting trends early and predicting where demand will go? Trend Spotting fascinates us.

One way is to look at customer and consumer trends (lifestyle, workstyle, fads, demographics) to anticipate how to interact with emerging trends.

Another way is by anticipating demand. You should pay attention to what people are looking forward to in the near and not to distant future. Authors can use this information to decide what to write about and companies and brands can decide what to manufacturer and market.

Take a look at what’s powered by Trendrr a New York-based business intelligence platform for digital and social media.

NY Magazine Anticipation Index (what people are most excited about in entertainment and pop culture)

VH1 Buzz Cast and Bravo.TV’s Tweet Tracker which engages fans in an interactive experience that increases a user’s time on page and compliments on-air activity.

Shifting to Social

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Exploring new media and marketing platforms, we came across Wayin and

Weighing in on could be another way for marketers to jump in on the conversation. helps people connect around their special interests while broadening reach and engagement for brands.

Wayin, a new mobile engagement service, gives consumers yet another way to express their opinions and marketers yet another way to push out promotions.

Photo: Chase and Wonder

Seen in All The Right Places

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Everyone is attempting to create their own strategy on how to use video to increase the quality and quantity of visitors to their site and more clicks to their cart. New startups are popping up claiming to be good at getting your content seen and shared on the right social networks by the right people.

Video seeding technology allows for relevant video using semantic technology to automatically match videos to your respective audiences. Today we were told (by a leading video syndication company) that video on your site can increase engagement and length of time spent with you by 50%.

There is a difference between social video seeding vs. video ad networks. Click here for a decent explanation.

Video Seeding companies

Selling distribution but outsourcing their delivery

 Video Ad Networks

 If you are creating your own video to syndicate consider this:

  • Video should support editorial content
  • Content should spark interest and be enjoyable to watch
  • Celebrities are a huge draw
  • For bigger syndication, stay away from user generated video and/or blatantly branded video
  • Create a calendar of videos to launch that are themed and timed to release around important events
To stay ahead of trends in video, check Reel SEO

Captcha Your Market

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CAPTCHA prevents bots from automatically submitting your form. These web bots are programs that leech through the web pages. When it finds a form, it fills the form with a spam message and submits it.

Captcha also offers custom ads with your slogan instead of random letters and numbers.

There’s “slide to fit” and “cost per type” (customers type in your brand or slogan to “engage”).

Crazy Captcha pictured here, courtesy of Random Good Stuff .

What sort of incremental revenue can I expect from AdsCaptcha? Ask Quora.

A Mount Everest Marketing Day

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A Mount Everest Marketing Day at

Some days it really is an up hill branding battle. And although we are really excited about all of the new and exciting ways to create and communicate our client’s brands, sometimes it just seems like the tools we have been given aren’t really ready yet.

Let’s just recap the day.

10:15 am Lost in Facebook Places. Why? because it’s really difficult to manage and market a franchise with multiple US locations with an application that’s still in development. Merge? Unmerge?

11:46 am Perplexed to find out that the pre-opening marketing plan for our client in Orlando is doing so well that customers are calling and trying to schedule and the store will be delayed another 45 days because they didn’t order their computers? Note: Communication between operations and marketing must improve.

1:54 pm Not sure we completely believe that 70% of the customers that purchase services through said “daily deal luxury membership site” will actually become loyal customers. We still think they attract coupon clippers.

2:33 pm Confused by LGBT Newspaper Advertising Director when he tells us “most advertisers don’t know how to speak to our market”. Yes and that is why we called you, sir, we want to know how to speak to the $743 billion lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered market.

4:20 pm Frustrated that the beauty mobile app that we were retained to launch last month is still in the application phase at the Apple store.

5:01 pm Wondering just how long it will take Foursquare to answer our BULK query about how to manage all of our client’s individual pages that look quite lonely on their site.

all damn day – Aggravated at WordPress because we can’t seem to cut and paste our short link’s today. What’s up with that?

5:50 pm Trying to tame the creative department because she thinks we should “rethink” the direction of the entire graphics package for client opening three more stores in less than a month.

Looking forward to Jon Stewart tonight.

Keep Your Head in the Clouds and Rise Above it All

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Dodging raindrops and sailing quite peacefully on our ’69 Triton sailboat outside of Hempstead Harbor on the Long Island Sound last night, the light to moderate breeze was just right. It was a great start to the Memorial Day weekend. We were finally starting to relax. About half way through the evening, the beautiful star lit sky was interrupted by a huge bright blue alien looking craft. It was the Direct TV Blimp speeding along the dark night and headed towards the Hampton’s with what we believe to be the start of a summer ad campaign.

Now, after a glass or two of Cupcake wine, we were really trying to unwind for the long weekend by unplugging and “getting away from it all”. We even accidently? forgot to bring our cell phones on the boat. It has been a very busy last few months. We had been on the phone with ad reps from Dr. Phillips, Florida (a pretty affluent community outside of Orlando) all day long, tweaking the perfect media mix for pre and grand opening marketing for a franchise client who will be opening four stores in the Orlando area. We targeted the right digital billboard, radio, TV, web directories and magazines, but our heads are still in the clouds about aerial and outdoor.

The big question for this Orlando project has been – do we spend some of our budget on outdoor/aerial advertising for this business? Will it work in this area? Will potential customers even take notice? We’re still debating – what forms of air ads could we afford? Logo? Letter Banners? Hot air balloon? Sky writing or Sky “typing”?  Many marketing pros believe that aerial advertising completes the total media mix and can ensure greater synergy and results.  

High Exposure, Inc. and Lightships are two of the nation’s leading aerial advertising companies flying some of the largest billboards and brands in the country. They claim this advertising medium has low out-of-pocket benefits, larger than life presence, a big blue sky as a backdrop, targeted coverage and creative versatility.  Many companies like Direct TV offset costs by selling ad space on their 2100sf  LED screen. The goal – to use this form of advertising for local marketing events.

Although it certainly can not be measured like other methods of advertising and it should be considered more of a “branding tool” as opposed to a call to action,  in some markets and during  high-profile events, this form of advertising makes total economic sense.