Book a Video Training Wake Up Call

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook recently announced that in five years, Facebook will be entirely video. Are you ready for your on-camera moment(s)? I will train you to feel confident and poised and ready to share your brand story with a video wake up call. 

Video is one of the best ways to build your brand, attract new users, customers and clients, and recruit great people to work for you.

Before you schedule your next video interview or create your online brand story in video format, I will make you a video rockstar. Book a video wake up call with me today.

I will help you craft and share your brand story.

I will create a professional media and influencer relations plan for your business that outlines the elements needed to build your story and creative content that is jam-packed with useful information that your prospects and members of the media want to read.

This is what will attract regional, national and international news reporters and writers to your brand.

Whether in the form of video, photography or words, I will help you publish your news on a consistent basis while sharing your company’s stories with print, digital, television journalists and thought leaders around the world.

Need help getting ready for an interview? I media train clients as well. Read my advice on how to prepare for your journalist meeting.

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