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I am a Marketing, Media & PR Strategist & Consultant and the creator of The PR Playbook, an essential guide to grow your brand awareness and sales.
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You can also connect with me on any of these social media platforms.
How I can help you
I create customized & comprehensive marketing blueprints for businesses as well as design personal branding & social media strategy for startups.
I also help optimize LinkedIn profiles & business pages and research and develop customized Instagram plans with detailed content and hashtag strategies.
I teach entrepreneurs how to use Instagram, Twitter & YouTube to build brand awareness.
I build out sales journeys and customer experiences while helping companies improve their website and mobile user experience.
I help people with their presentation skills while encouraging them to use their most authentic voice.
And finally, I write and share brand stories via blog content and video to help businesses connect and collaborate with their community and influencers.
How much
How Much?
Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategy consults start at $125 per hour – ask me anything via Skype, phone or face-to-face.
Marketing Plan $275 -$1,200 for a one-year customized & comprehensive marketing blueprint for your brand.
Personal Branding & Social Media Strategy
Your Social Media Strategy Plan starts at $350 and up
Optimized LinkedIn Profile & Business Page  $350 & up
Customized Instagram Plan with content and hashtag strategy $350
Twitter training & YouTube essentials
Journey to a Sale – Your Customer Experience
Website & Mobile Experience Audit with recommendations and best practices
$45.00 per hour
This includes help with developing your customer and client personas.
Presentation Skills & Building your own voice
Public speaking training $65 an hour.
Working with video
Video wake up call – in person or via Skype visit this link for pricing.
Video editing $45 and hour
Writing & Sharing Your Stories
Copywriting .50 to .75 cents a word with two revisions to final.
This includes the development of a Digital Press Kit.
Connecting & Collaborating with Influencers
Your first Top 100 media and influencer network contacts, personalized for your
business $750
Schedule a strategy session via Skype, phone or in person with me by emailing me at m.johnson@themarketcouncil.com or on Clarity.fm


Read on for my recommendations on how to engage, manage and protect your brand’s Facebook page. Smart Advertising Strategies for the Budget-Conscious Small Business here. You can also read my tips on what to do before you take another photo for Instagram and 5 Ways to land your story in the media.


  1. I’d like to talk briefly to see if you are a fit for my marketing needs – it’s for a modern fable in the tradition of The Alchemist.

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