5 Rules to Ruling Facebook

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6a00d83451b9ea69e2019b00420565970d-500wiFacebook remains an attractive social media platform and marketing destination, first and foremost, for its  +1.28 billion monthly active users as of June 2014. Aren’t convinced?  It’s all in the numbers…

  • 802 million users log onto Facebook daily
  • 1.01 billion mobile active users
  • 29.7% of users are ages 25-24 years old (Largest Demographic)
  • High Growth Rate: 5 new profiles created each second

Source: Zephoria


Already on Facebook? Here’s how to own it:

1. Bylines are your Best Friend – The average time spent on an Facebook is only 20 minutes (Infodocket). Coupled with limited attention spans, content and advertisement overload, it’s critical to keep your text light. Rule of thumb: if it doesn’t fit within a 140-character tweet, start over. 

2. Timing is Everything – You can now determine your fan’s Facebook schedule. Down to the very hour. If your users are primarily on Facebook from 8-10 pm, post away. There’s now an explanation for a scarcity of likes during weekday mornings. According to Bit.ly, Thursdays and Fridays experience 18% higher engagement.

3. Get Friendly wIth Facebook’s Insights – A 7-day snapshot of what your brand’s page is doing right and what its doing wrong. A Google Analytics for Facebook. Analyze your posts reach, whose liking your page (M/F, Origin, Language), and what posts are driving customers to your page.  ldksfa

4. Be Human – Engage with your customers. With so many seamless communication methods and pathways, focus on building relationships with your customers. Know their interests and values. When they reach out to ask about a product or an event, be active and inviting in your response. Remember, this is an opportunity to acquire a life-long customer (or deter one) so, get to know them.

5.  #Hashtag –  Albeit, there’s truth in Mashable’s article “Does Facebook Really Need Hashtags?,”yet Facebook’s adoption of hashtags was a natural progression and will remain a useful tool to streamline trending topics on Facebook. While creating a more user-friendly experience for users (clickable hashtags allow users to discover what they like), the tool allows for more synergy between Facebook and social media sister Instagram. Try and keep hashtags relevant and to a minimum.

Wearable Tech Radar: Fin Thumbring

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Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 12.27.15 PM

Love this gesture based control device that allows you to wirelessly swipe and tap commands with your fingers. Now if it would only tweet, post and send out an email blast.#PRHackwishes Waterproof, flexible and with each battery charge lasting up to one week, the Fin Thumbring rests on your thumb allowing seamless control of a variety of devices including gaming, glass and smart phones. Offering stressless and touch-less interaction with your smart devices right in the convenience of your own palm. Release date is approaching, go ahead and pre-order one now.

Check out the Fin Thumbring in action:

Microvideos: Get On Board or Get Lost at Sea

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Microvideos are taking the social media helm and these bite-sized bits of entertaining videos are popping up everywhere. Sharing streamlined messages of hyper-edited audio-visuals to a growing number of viewers has become standard. What started with Vine (6-second looping videos) has ended with the growth of competitors; Instagram video (15 seconds), MixBit (16 seconds), Tumblr GIFs (short animated images) and a flood of imitators.

In a world where immediacy, convenience and short attention spans are omnipresent, its imminent to jump on the microvideo bandwagon and continue to story tell your brand.


How to get started?  Weave microvideos into your social media campaigns and embed them in emails. Embrace the power of the microvideo and make your social media come alive.

 1. Compelling Content – Whether its comedic, artistic or a fast sequence of DIY steps, make every second count. The concept in its entirety must persuade viewers. Create a video you yourself would re-post. Referencing the rise of the micro video, Forbes’ article, The Top 7 Social Media Marketing  Trends Dominating 2014,” explores the success of Saatchi’s anti-smoking campaign, reaping over 50,000 likes and  26,000 re-Vines within the ad’s first week. According to UK’s Marketing Magazine because these short films are at present, push mediums, the content must be entertaining, informative or intriguing.

 2. Homegrown VS. Outsourced  On a budget and feel you have the creative eye in-house? Use one  of Scientific American’s recommended 12 Microvideo Apps. From free apps like Viddy to Snapchat coupled with smart phone high quality technology, these short clips could be done in the luxury of your own workplace. If you want to leave it in the hands of the professionals, consult sites Behance or Le Book. At MJMPR, we recommend NYC-based film production companies Legs Media and Matte Projects to realize your microvideo dreams.

3. More Brand Reach – If users avoid ads like the plague on YouTube and Facebook than microvideos are the holy grail of marketing. They offer less commitment from the viewer than traditional online video. Microvideos are short and therefore, brands must select simple visual cues that make the brand transparent from the start. Short snips actually share more.

4. Need ideas on what to Film and Edit?- How about a quick how-to about your product or service or a series of product tutorials? Maybe a time-lapse video of your brand’s evolution. Launching a new product? We recommend a brief company announcement. Take your iPhone or Android for a fast video around company headquarters. From filming the manufacturing process of your best seller to video teasers for upcoming events, the possibilities are infinite. Mashable shares the top 4 hot apps for microvideo blogging; Keek, Tout, Klip and Viddy, while each varies, they all specialize in editing and sharing short videos.

5. Share, Share, Share – According to a recent Marketing Profs article, video integrated emails will massively increase user click-through rate. After its creation, the short clip can be  cross-promoted seamlessly through all social media platforms including emails. If it’s got the creative grit, who knows maybe it will go viral. Tweet it. Gram it. Facebook it. Vine it. Tumble it. 

Social Media Statistics 2014 – The Power of Pinterest

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social-platformsUnderstanding how your top, most valuable, customers are using social media can help you understand how to promote your brand more effectively. These valuable customers, the top 15-20%,  are worth more than the bottom 50% of your customers collectively. Treat them well.

In March 2014 Experian Marketing reported that social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc) accounted for 7.72% of referrals to retail sites. This is up from 2013 and when it comes to sales conversions, Pinterest users are the most valuable. Research shows that 80% of Pinterest users are women and still active after four years of pinning their wish lists and dream vacations to their boards.

Instagram hosts the highest engagement level, with reports showing up to 15 times that of Facebook. Want even more shares? Studies show that photos with blue tones are shared most. Interesting.

Consumers use Twitter for speedy customer service, while expecting brands to act rapidly to complaints. How fast? Within the hour.

Looking for higher engagement on Facebook? Video posts on Friday will increase feedback and shares up to 25%.

Brands looking to reward loyal customers and lure in new fans must understand how consumers are tuning in to a multichannel social world.

Need help with your social media platforms? Send us a tweet @marketcouncil

The Customer is #1

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When building a brand, it’s vital to reflect what is in the best interest of your core existence; the customer. They are the fuel to your fire and without them let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here. The question often surfaces, how do you leverage your social media to have customer influence and therefore, maximize retention and purchases?

A good place to start is knowing your customer inside and out. Discover their likes, dislikes, behavior and why they chose to be loyal to you rather than others. Answer customer FAQs via Facebook and Twitter. Stimulate them with riveting visuals on Instagram and Pinterest. Avoid trying to use your social media platforms solely to push your product. Be an interactive exchange, champion their interests and cravings by discovering their outside wanderings independent of your brand.

With such an overwhelming presence of digital and physical advertising tailored in emails and creeping in every breathable space, customers are seeking authentic, conscious and engaging brands. At MJMPR, we place our client’s customers needs at the forefront of our initiatives. For our client Surya Brasil, we understand our customers are environmentally conscious, anti-animal cruelty with a need for natural, all-organic lifestyle products. In inspiring them, we share the best all-vegan restaurants in local cities and DIY at-home projects using renewable and recycle materials. Customers are like friends, act like one and you could be friends forever.  

Normal Will Get You Nowhere

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Brands and more specifically, the people behind them have difficulty rationalizing PR and advertising budgets, questioning whether they will get the most bang for their buck. Bang being ultimate publicity; New York Times covers, celebrity ambassadors, etc. Well, here at the MJMPR, we believe it’s always good to dream big but don’t serve blah, serve bling. 

To get editors, bloggers and top influencers to spread buzz about your product, you have to have a certain wow factor. Remember, they are here to tell a story, so spin it right and they’ll spin it around. Make your product hype-worthy by telling the world something fresh and different. Looking back at our track record, MJMPR landed previous client Townhouse Spa on the cover of Time Out for inventing a weekly spa indulgence for New York natives called the ‘7-Hour Sunday Massage.’ And when we created the Bang-tox vs. Botox Today Show segment, a new hair style for hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda for Eiji Salon. Or when we created the 24 Karat Gold Facial for Fairmont Spas. It’s critical to think outside the box because normal will get you nowhere. 
Having trouble developing a story? Need a new angle? Give us a call at 212.729.1948 or drop us a line at m.johnson@themarketcouncil.com. 

The PR – Tech Paradigm Shift and How to Stay Relevant

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During a time when the tech landscape masks and molds everything in its path, it’s baffling to imagine that PR is much recently experiencing a laggard affect in its evolution towards a tech-embedded model. As ‘Ad Tech’ took the advertising industry’s helm several years ago, Public Relations is realizing a movement towards a new frontier contingent upon technology’s ability to calculate facts and figures. Therefore, PR budgets can be visibly measured as well as their results, further backed with tangible hard-facts. PR has become something like a science. In order to stay relevant with today’s tech climate change, PR must do what it does best; centralize its methods in successfully communicating magnetic and captivating messages with an authentic, endearing and ambitious voice. Ultimately, think as marketing pioneer and investor Geoffrey Moore does, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” With today’s tech tools, measuring PR costs will allow companies to see the need for word-of-mouth, reliable exposure during an age of overwhelming advertising presence. An environment coded with hyper-exposure to advertising will inevitability, exhaust its members, having them subconsciously veer for something more real and less forced. Amidst the chaos of visual ad overload of 2,000+ daily advertisements, tailored emails and the like, the need for authenticity and depth will certainly outcast itself. As Eloquently stated by Jeff Pyatt, the head of PR at Outbrain featured in Mashable’s recent article, Will PR Tech Be the Next Marketing Frontier?”

“PR has always produced powerfully persuasive content experiences — especially earned media. But what’s changed in the content landscape is that we now need scalable distribution, engagement, and ultimately attribution.”

The World’s Top Beauty Bloggers Part 1

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Top Beauty Bloggers Around the World

Top Beauty Bloggers Around the World

The beauty blogger world just keeps on growing and growing. A great review of your new fragrance, lip gloss or night cream from an influential beauty enthusiast can mean more views on  your website and buzz about your brand.  One of the great things about these reviews is that they are so girlfriend like – making them that much more trustworthy. We think every brand could use a little more trust.

Probably one of our very favorite blogs, Cult of Pretty, is written by a product development expert who shares her favorite lotions and potions, some of which have developed a cult-like following.

You may laugh at the Google translation of OnlyLady.com but this blogger has influence in Asia and reviews luxe brands with an emphasis on skin care.

A Model Recommends is so much better on YouTube.com . Ruth Crilly hails from the UK and keeps it real, funny and has over 7.9 million video views.

Sandra from 15 Steps then a beauty blog  has done an amazing job of taking her passion for cosmetics and skincare and sharing it with the world.  She’s from Canada and reviews everything from the best exfoliators to the glossiest of lip treatments.

Meg of Lipsofacto.com was listed in The Times’s ’10 Best Beauty Websites’ in their 50 Best Websites for Fashion and Beauty feature. A few of her favorite bloggers include BeautyMouth The Dauphine and Essie Button

This post will continue with more best of beauty bloggers in the next few weeks. Need help reaching out to top beauty bloggers for reviews for your brand? Email us for assistance.


A Matter of Brand Taste

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How are you making your brand memorable?

A study carried out at Rockefeller University shows that in the short-term we remember just 1% of what we touch, 2% of what we hear, 5% of what we see, 15% of what we taste and 35% of what we smell. What are you doing to make your brand memorable? 

The Mobile Love Connection

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From the sound of things, it looks like customer connections are still strongest with opt-in emails and website promotions. While social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, blah, blah, blah) do add marketing and promotional value, research shows that the top ways consumers find out about special promotions is through company web sites and email alerts. Best practice for business is to make sure your email is smart phone ready as more email is read via mobile than on a desktop or via web mail.

Stats say 43% of email is now opened on a mobile device.  Litmus –”Email Analytics” (December 2012). Before you go all “responsive development for m commerce on your biz” read this http://mobile.smashingmagazine.com/2013/01/18/assumptions-about-mobile-to-reconsider/ about the assumptions made about designing for e-commerce @smashingmag