Winning Marketing Strategies

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Your marketing goals should strengthen your brand equity and focus on winning strategies that aim to –

  •  Increase your revenue
  •  Build market share
  • Decrease price sensitivity
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase your ability to attract and retain high-quality employees

All marketing strategies must focus on driving significant business results.

Marketing strategy checklist

Does your strategy –

  •  Clearly define what differentiates your company from the competition?
  •  Focus on precisely who your target customers are and what matters to them most?
  •  Determine whether you will be a market game changer, leader, follower  or niche player?

Choosing the Right PR Agency

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Does the agency team really understand your industry and your business?

Have they created a strategic marketing and PR Plan tailored to your needs?

Do you share the same work ethic and style?

What is their proven track record? Can they provide case studies that are similar to your goals?

Do they plan to leverage your content through SEO and social media as well as traditional media channels?

Have they shown you how they will measure the success of your campaigns?

Does your budget allow for their fees?

How to Create The Perfect Public Relations Plan

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In the past, when a new client approached us (and it’s always better when they come to you first) we would spend hours if not days and weeks creating what we thought would be the ideal branding, marketing and PR plan for their company. And this is even after spending hours on a creative brief.

About two months ago after signing with a new client, we found that we were doing a lot more than what was originally agreed upon and completely new and different activities that weren’t even in the plan from the get go.

And from an agency’s point of view, this can be quite frustrating.

The Solution? You really need to experience what your client’s needs are before writing the plan. Spend a month doing the work (for an agreed upon fee of course) to find out what’s really going on.  This will truly help build a successful and impactful roadmap for everyone involved in building the brand’s on and offline buzz.

This will give you and your team time to:

  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses in your client’s company.
  • Talk to the media about your new client and discover what type of content that is really expected from them.
  • Meet the key players in the company, those that will give you the information you need.
  • Help you discover the true talent and those that will be easily media trained for broadcast and digital media.
  • Discover the hidden gems, the stories in the company that should be shared.

During this time period try focusing on the following:

1. Has the client spent most of their time only on national and not on local PR? Shouldn’t they be known in their own backyard, and in the trades?

2. What is the media really expecting and needing from the client in the way of news and information?

3. What new launches are not being talked about that should be included in the plan?

4. What is perceived about our new client that doesn’t show up in the research?

5. Are they truly engaging with their audience or just blasting out messages?

We just reworked a plan with a new set of strategies for a client (after a 30 day immersion plan into their business) that will not only better suit their needs as well as meet their goals,  but will also keep our agency and team focused on results.

A Mount Everest Marketing Day

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A Mount Everest Marketing Day at

Some days it really is an up hill branding battle. And although we are really excited about all of the new and exciting ways to create and communicate our client’s brands, sometimes it just seems like the tools we have been given aren’t really ready yet.

Let’s just recap the day.

10:15 am Lost in Facebook Places. Why? because it’s really difficult to manage and market a franchise with multiple US locations with an application that’s still in development. Merge? Unmerge?

11:46 am Perplexed to find out that the pre-opening marketing plan for our client in Orlando is doing so well that customers are calling and trying to schedule and the store will be delayed another 45 days because they didn’t order their computers? Note: Communication between operations and marketing must improve.

1:54 pm Not sure we completely believe that 70% of the customers that purchase services through said “daily deal luxury membership site” will actually become loyal customers. We still think they attract coupon clippers.

2:33 pm Confused by LGBT Newspaper Advertising Director when he tells us “most advertisers don’t know how to speak to our market”. Yes and that is why we called you, sir, we want to know how to speak to the $743 billion lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered market.

4:20 pm Frustrated that the beauty mobile app that we were retained to launch last month is still in the application phase at the Apple store.

5:01 pm Wondering just how long it will take Foursquare to answer our BULK query about how to manage all of our client’s individual pages that look quite lonely on their site.

all damn day – Aggravated at WordPress because we can’t seem to cut and paste our short link’s today. What’s up with that?

5:50 pm Trying to tame the creative department because she thinks we should “rethink” the direction of the entire graphics package for client opening three more stores in less than a month.

Looking forward to Jon Stewart tonight.

Mindful Marketing -The Purpose of a Focused Marketing Plan

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The intentional marketing plan must be fierce, flexible and focused on customer/client service and prove to be the ultimate return on investment.

Every strategy, tactic and activity in your marketing plan should demonstrate how the plan will –

  • Increase revenue and market share and should be measurable in a meaningful way
  • Decrease price sensitivity with a very competitive strategy to avoid the need for unnecessary discounts and promotions
  • Increase loyalty with consistently great customer service and an engaging rewards program to retain and up sell your best customers
  • Increase profitability by offering more value and services to your existing customers at little or no additional cost
  • Increase the ability to attract and retain high-quality employees for business future growth