6 Rules to Make Sure Your Marketing Messages Don’t Smell Like Spam

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Nobody wants to spam their customers, but most do it anyway.  Spam isn’t just about the quantity of emails and marketing you do you. It’s also about the quality.

Rule 1

Make a promise to yourself to never underestimate the intelligence of your customer or client. People are much smarter than you give them credit for and every time you send them an email or lead them down a drip campaign that smells like spam, you lose any form of trust that you were hoping to get.
When you are building a business, trust is everything.

Follow these surefire ways to build trust with your future customers.

Rule 2

Marketing messages that over promise and under deliver and sound too good to be true not only smell like spam, they taste like it too.  Keep your claims and benefits realistic and believable.

Rule 3

So don’t use unnecessary words to describe your product or service. It’s better to describe what your offer is in a more clear and precise way than to add on adjectives that lose their meaning. Another benefit of writing concise copy – it can be read and understood faster and easier.

Rule 4

Speaking of wasting another’s time, that is exactly what spamming does. If your email or landing page copy takes more than a minute to read or watch you have wasted everyone’s time. Get to the point as soon as you can. People are smarter than you think and don’t enjoy being lead down a long, boring sales funnel.

Rule 5

Especially if you are trying to put a squeeze on their decision making. People are on to your tactics and they aren’t going to buy into your limited time only offer. Knock it off. If they are looking for what you are selling and you have a superior product, they’ll buy it. No need to put the squeeze play on. It’s a total turn off.

Rule 6

Please price your products competitively. The more time it takes to understand how much you want for that product or service you are selling the more frustrated your customer will become. Be upfront and make sure your price is sensitive to competitive pricing. If it’s higher, be prepared to explain why and if it’s too low, you risk looking like a cheaper and lower value offer.

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How to Start Promoting & Marketing Your Brand Like A True Pro

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Watch this short tutorial on the three no BS things you must continually do to grow your business.

Most small businesses have a limited budget for marketing and advertising and need to better understand where their promotional dollars will be well-spent.
  • Will targeted Facebook ads bring in new memberships or subscriptions?
  • How about creative outdoor advertising?
  • Maybe collaborating with micro-influencers?
  • Partnering with other neighboring businesses?
  • Try a refer a friend email campaign with a promotional offer for each friend who signs up? Should we invest in a new service, like a juice bar?
  • A direct mailer with a big seasonal discount?
An ongoing approach to market research is the beginning of a blueprint for growth for a business owner and it serves two main purposes.
1. It helps the business become more competitive.
2. It will assist in building a more profitable brand.
Good market research should also tell you (if you are open-minded) what services your customers and clients are not happy with, what needs improvement and what you should be offering that you are not.
Do you have questions about building your business? Drop me a line at hello@mj.works or comment below.

Marketing on Mobile

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mindset-wherepplcheckAs the world goes mobile, so must brands. Consumers are using their phones to discover new products, places and services every day and real time marketing campaigns are helping brands strengthen their relationships by reaching consumers when they are most likely ready to purchase their product.

Consider some recent stats – 

Americans are checking their phones as much as 150 times a day and spending more time on their phones and tablets then they are watching television (197 minutes vs 147 minutes). The stats are growing. 60% of US adults who are online use at least 2 devices every day.

Mobile marketing needs to be integrated into your overall marketing strategy. How do you get in that little gem of a box? Into the hands of potential customers? Align your mobile strategy with brand goals while taking advantage of the opportunity to connect 24/7 with your customers. Think mobile payments like Starbucks; Target gift cards; Facebook credits; restaurant gift certificates; texts to enter event contests like Coca Cola’s musical festivals; downloading discounts like those from The Gap. . . you get the idea.

People spend an average of 3.28 hours on their mobile devices daily. They send and receive text messages, access the internet, send and receive email, download apps, get recommendations (where to eat, sleep, or get their hair cut and colored), listen to music, video chat and check in to a favorite location.

That means more Instagram activity for you Etsy folks and more Facebook promotions for those with great dining experiences. Event campaigns, cross channel engagement tactics and loyalty programs are a must do on mobile. Brand marketers need to understand how their target audience uses their phone.

Read on for more at on mobile marketing.



A Mount Everest Marketing Day

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A Mount Everest Marketing Day at http://www.themarketcouncil.com

Some days it really is an up hill branding battle. And although we are really excited about all of the new and exciting ways to create and communicate our client’s brands, sometimes it just seems like the tools we have been given aren’t really ready yet.

Let’s just recap the day.

10:15 am Lost in Facebook Places. Why? because it’s really difficult to manage and market a franchise with multiple US locations with an application that’s still in development. Merge? Unmerge?

11:46 am Perplexed to find out that the pre-opening marketing plan for our client in Orlando is doing so well that customers are calling and trying to schedule and the store will be delayed another 45 days because they didn’t order their computers? Note: Communication between operations and marketing must improve.

1:54 pm Not sure we completely believe that 70% of the customers that purchase services through said “daily deal luxury membership site” will actually become loyal customers. We still think they attract coupon clippers.

2:33 pm Confused by LGBT Newspaper Advertising Director when he tells us “most advertisers don’t know how to speak to our market”. Yes and that is why we called you, sir, we want to know how to speak to the $743 billion lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered market.

4:20 pm Frustrated that the beauty mobile app that we were retained to launch last month is still in the application phase at the Apple store.

5:01 pm Wondering just how long it will take Foursquare to answer our BULK query about how to manage all of our client’s individual pages that look quite lonely on their site.

all damn day – Aggravated at WordPress because we can’t seem to cut and paste our short link’s today. What’s up with that?

5:50 pm Trying to tame the creative department because she thinks we should “rethink” the direction of the entire graphics package for client opening three more stores in less than a month.

Looking forward to Jon Stewart tonight.