How To Score Media Coverage for Your Brand

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Yes you need press coverage. No you don’t need a press release. What you need are answers to the most important questions that writers, reporters and bloggers want to know.

In this video, I quickly move through the top 20 questions on every media influencer’s mind.

The Top Three Questions on every writer’s mind. . .

  1. What makes your story newsworthy right now? Why is it so timely?
  2. What problem does it solve? And, is it a big problem?
  3. Will readers and viewers want to share your story?

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News Coverage for Your Personal Brand

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Here is an important tip for you to follow when you are reaching out to the media for news coverage. Ask yourself Why??? Why would the audience of USA Today, The New York Times or The Huffington Post care? What stories are they sharing with their friends, family and co-workers and why? Build your story around what matters most to the writer’s audience.

You may have the most remarkable business idea created this year, but it’s just not enough to pitch your startup’s story to a reporter or journalist.

Influencers and journalists want pitches that will get shares. They are looking for news that will be retweeted on Twitter, shared on Facebook, repinned on Pinterest and forwarded through email.

You can increase your chances of news coverage success when you include why the writer, reporter and producer’s audience (their fans and followers) will share the story you are pitching.

So how do you do that? How do you know if your story pitch is a shareable one?

  1. Create an emotive pitch. Get to the heart of the story. Make it moving, inspiring, shocking. Something that will make other’s wake up when they read or watch it.
  2. If you are emailing a pitch to an influencer, craft a headline that arouses curiosity.
  3. Make sure you load it with emotional appeal and if you can leverage some controversy. More from @Jeffbullas here.

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Facebook Declares End of the Written Word

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On Wednesday, June 14th Facebook announced that in five years time video will replace written text on social media.

The best way to tell stories in this world, where so much information is coming at us, actually is video,” Mendelsohn said.

If the idea of being filmed makes you cringe or need help telling your brand story on camera, than it’s time for a video wake up call, a video training with me, a marketing & PR professional in NY.

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How to Get Press Coverage for Your Brand

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Watch and learn how to pitch a news story that gets picked up in this quick tutorial.

I am making these videos because I am filming a class for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners who want to connect with bloggers, journalists, reporters and writers so they can build brand awareness through editorial coverage.

Why You Never Get a Response from the Media

One of the biggest challenges is that most of the stories that I see being pitched are way too self-serving. Brand owners who don’t have a media relations background need to understand the importance of pitching correctly. It’s not difficult, it just takes a bit of understanding. The media is not going to write a story just about your new product or service. They need a story that is important to their readers and viewers.

Two Things That Help Your Business Grow

There are two things that will help your business grow. The first is word-of-mouth marketing and the second is great press coverage. Press coverage from a journalist, reporter, writer, vlogger and blogger covering your industry.

So glad I caught you before you send another email pitching your new product.  Most pitches fail because they aren’t really helpful to a writer.

For stronger pitches, the type that get picked up by the media, use these filters to make sure your story idea/pitch meets the following criteria.
1. Is this story new? Wait, is it really new?
2. Is it newsworthy?
3. Is it timely and on trend?
4. Is it fascinating and shareable?
5. Is it completely factual? Can I back it up w/ studies? statistics?
6. Is it relevant to the journalists reader/viewer? Why would they care?

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How to Get Press Coverage for Your Brand

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Getting press coverage for your brand begins with becoming an expert in your industry and understanding what a reporter, journalist or writer is looking for in a story pitch about your brand. I am creating a one hour class that will teach you the essentials so you sound like a professional. Follow me here and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I will be launching this class by the end of the month.

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Media Relations 101 Preparing for the Interview

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Interview between businessmen

Here are a few helpful tips for those of you preparing for a big interview.

  1. When quoted, context is key and reporters will take you out of context. Email them your responses as a back up. Leave a paper trail of fact checks.
  2. Ask them to use your quotes in their entirety. Let them know your answers are not for edification.
  3. Be who they want you to be. Dress the part, speak the sound bites and share the wisdom.
  4. Go a little wild. Say something outlandish. Controversy serves clicks.
  5. Don’t be fooled, they are not your friend or necessarily your fan. They must remain objective and unbiased. It is a part of their job.
  6. Journalists need to appear credible, so the story they submit will not be entirely positive. This is not an advertisement for you and your business.
  7. The story will be edited, so much of what you say during the interview will never be published. Know your key messages and repeat them. Be prepared.
  8. Give them a list of detractors. This way you at least you control the faults they will find and print about you.

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What Really Gets Press Coverage?

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Blog Post Visiual

And the question of the day is –  what actually gets press coverage from the media? If your product isn’t getting the earned editorial props it deserves, perhaps it’s just a matter of telling your story in a different way.

  1. Billion (and gazillion) dollar space research gets press. Is your product “breakthrough” or innovative in anyway?
  2. Scary scientific studies that can kill us or make us very sick for a very long time gets press.  Does your product or service help save us or the planet, if so, how?
  3. People doing bad things – now that gets way too much press.
  4. How technology and the big, bad Internet is always changing everything we do, want, need – gets lots and lots of press.  Does your product fix a big problem? Maybe a problem we don’t even know we have yet?  Well, how big is that problem?
  5. Things we can relate to, like “13 Smells That Every New Yorker is Way too Familiar With” @BuzzFeed  What exactly does your service do to make people feel at one with it?
  6. Things we should worry about  or not worry about, now that gets press.
  7. Trends in fashion, music, food, cars get press. Is your thing a part of a regional or worldwide trend?
  8. Native advertising (an advertisement disguised as a news article) like this pen and paper combo with livescribe app gets a different kind of confusing press. This is not real press.
  9. Stuff that may or may not happen, but we should be anxious about – gets press.
  10. Useful, fun tips and life advice gets press. Can you offer tips, tricks, hacks when using your service?      Need help putting a little spin on your story. Drop us a line at

The Customer is #1

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When building a brand, it’s vital to reflect what is in the best interest of your core existence; the customer. They are the fuel to your fire and without them let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here. The question often surfaces, how do you leverage your social media to have customer influence and therefore, maximize retention and purchases?

A good place to start is knowing your customer inside and out. Discover their likes, dislikes, behavior and why they chose to be loyal to you rather than others. Answer customer FAQs via Facebook and Twitter. Stimulate them with riveting visuals on Instagram and Pinterest. Avoid trying to use your social media platforms solely to push your product. Be an interactive exchange, champion their interests and cravings by discovering their outside wanderings independent of your brand.

With such an overwhelming presence of digital and physical advertising tailored in emails and creeping in every breathable space, customers are seeking authentic, conscious and engaging brands. At MJMPR, we place our client’s customers needs at the forefront of our initiatives. For our client Surya Brasil, we understand our customers are environmentally conscious, anti-animal cruelty with a need for natural, all-organic lifestyle products. In inspiring them, we share the best all-vegan restaurants in local cities and DIY at-home projects using renewable and recycle materials. Customers are like friends, act like one and you could be friends forever.  

Normal Will Get You Nowhere

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Brands and more specifically, the people behind them have difficulty rationalizing PR and advertising budgets, questioning whether they will get the most bang for their buck. Bang being ultimate publicity; New York Times covers, celebrity ambassadors, etc. Well, here at the MJMPR, we believe it’s always good to dream big but don’t serve blah, serve bling. 

To get editors, bloggers and top influencers to spread buzz about your product, you have to have a certain wow factor. Remember, they are here to tell a story, so spin it right and they’ll spin it around. Make your product hype-worthy by telling the world something fresh and different. Looking back at our track record, MJMPR landed previous client Townhouse Spa on the cover of Time Out for inventing a weekly spa indulgence for New York natives called the ‘7-Hour Sunday Massage.’ And when we created the Bang-tox vs. Botox Today Show segment, a new hair style for hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda for Eiji Salon. Or when we created the 24 Karat Gold Facial for Fairmont Spas. It’s critical to think outside the box because normal will get you nowhere. 
Having trouble developing a story? Need a new angle? Give us a call at 212.729.1948 or drop us a line at 

Shifting to Social

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Exploring new media and marketing platforms, we came across Wayin and

Weighing in on could be another way for marketers to jump in on the conversation. helps people connect around their special interests while broadening reach and engagement for brands.

Wayin, a new mobile engagement service, gives consumers yet another way to express their opinions and marketers yet another way to push out promotions.

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