Taking it to the streets – Successful Offline Events

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Offline events, inviting your audience or your customers to get off line and participate in a meet up or sponsored gathering in their region, is becoming increasing popular with all brands.

All around the office and as of recent, everywhere we go, we hear some marketing/PR pro buzzing about creating offline events for their brand. We’ve also been involved in orchestrating them for our clients. Experiential marketing events will help you connect with your audience and customers on a deeper level.

The objective  is to help boost traffic to your site with new members for your site, create value-added marketing for your advertisers and  build a more engaged fan base.

Successful Offline Event Tips

  • Choose a venue that’s convenient for all
  • Create a “save the date”  and send it out at least 4 weeks in advance
  • Send out reminder notices a few days before the event and the day of, to keep the likelihood of attendance high
  • Send out the invitation (via email/text/Facebook/Twitter)
  • Ask your audience to invite friends and family
  • Check RSVP’s daily
  • Give them an incentive to invite others (sweepstakes/content/raffles) the day/night of the event
  • Create promotional signage (branded banners/rollups/bags, etc) for your site at the event
  • Have your partners create special gifts for those that attend
  • Consider using this following/fan base for market research
  • Have an onsite sign up (iPad, flat screen, laptop) for your site
  • Make it last (at least two hours) and make it memorable (music, food and beverage, special guests)
  • Take photos and video of the event to post back up on the site and for your blog