How to Build Five Star Online Reviews to Fuel Your Business and Career

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Zero-cost word-of-mouth marketing is the gold standard of brand ambassadorship and the one thing that will surely build your business, customer base, and client book.


The best way to build online reviews for your business is by designing a superb product or service that delights your customers and clients while delivering an exceptional experience from beginning to completion of a purchase.  Restaurants know this via Yelp and Open Table. Businesses are starting to pay attention to Glass Door.  However, consultants, freelancers, and hired guns also need reviews.



It doesn’t matter what you do or what you offer.  If you’re a nutritionist or personal trainer, or maybe a fashion apparel designer or corporate wellness director. Perhaps you’re a physician, attorney, life coach or yet another creative director, you want to work for five-star ratings.


As I transitioned from marketing and PR agency owner to online business consultant and strategist, I knew that one of the fastest ways to bring in new business was to focus on my current clients’ absolute happiness.


I knew that when they shared their happiness with other people who didn’t know me, I was creating a built-in lead generator for future clients while minimizing my cost per client acquisition spend. What does that mean? Well, this has been going on since the dawn of time, but so many free agents don’t remember to make recommendations and referrals a priority.  You see, my reviews on LinkedIn, Upwork, Angel list, Clarity, Thumbtack and my website help convince and convert those that are on the fence about working with me. They help to get the client to sign the agreement and start the project.


Whether you own a healthy fast food cafe, or you’re a veterinarian looking to build your thought leadership position, great reviews will let everyone know what to expect from you.


So how do you get reviewed? Well if you are pivoting your career like I did or you’re just starting out, you want to create profiles on above-mentioned platforms, like Linkedin. Then you want to find clients and you can do that on platforms like Upwork. Then you want to deliver the goods in an impressive way.  Some platforms will prompt a client to give you a review. Others, like LinkedIn, require you to request a recommendation.  How?Recommendtations

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I continue to work diligently for great reviews and recommend you do too. Need help creating your online presence? Let’s connect about what you’re up to  @madelinemariejohnson on Instagram.

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Social Media Savvy

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Whether you are involved in yet another new start up, need to keep up with your career or you are just simply curious about “social media marketing”, here is (the beginning) of our  “go to, grow to”  list of social media marketing 101 resources.

From a free introductory guide to Facebook for business to how to build a Google + brand page, our ongoing Social Media Savvy series will give you some excellent resources to help you build your marketing muscle.

  1. Let’s start with this simple social media glossary created by social brite, because it’s better to know the basics of the language when touring a new land.
  2. Our first pick for beginners is Grovo. Grovo produces free and premium business video tutorials that cover the web’s most popular and useful sites as well as essential cloud services in social media, productivity, and online marketing. Applications include Facebook Profile, Advertising, and Pages, Google Analytics and Apps, Twitter, Yelp, Basecamp, and LinkedIn.
  3. At least once a week, we scan the Ad Age Power 150 which is a daily ranking of the most popular marketing, advertising and design blogs. The Power 150 now includes Stumpleupon and Linkedin metrics as well.
  4.  PSFK might just become your go to resource for new ideas and inspiration. Daily topics of conversation include things like the future of mobile tagging to timeless advice on how to act on various social networks and internet hangouts, like tactical tips on how to tweet from your grandma.
  5. If you are going to be writing your marketing collateral, take Copywriter’s free online marketing course – and sign up for their complimentary newsletter.
  6. And be sure to check out author of Engage Against the Machine, Brian Solis. Brian is a self-proclaimed new media specialist and a principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm. His newest book examines how leading companies are finding success with connected customers.
  7. Learn about promo no no’s and live case studies that will show you how to increase event turnout with creative invitations and alert you to Mailchimp’s one million user give away.
  8. Wondering how to build your blog foundation or the importance of Digg, Stumbleupon and Quora? Check at John Chow’s blog
  9. We will be writing more about the best conferences, trade shows and lectures to attend, but SXSW’s should be on your radar. South by South West’s original goal was to create an event that would act as a tool for creative people and the companies they work with to develop their careers, to bring together people from a wide area to meet and share ideas. That continues to be the goal today whether it is music, film or the internet. And Austin continues to be their  location of choice. SXSW can be overwhelming to first-timers. All the things that make SXSW amazingly informative, fun and unique are also what can make it so daunting. They’ve created this guide to help you prepare for the adventure ahead.
  10. Unless you are going to take Harvard’s online extention courses or go back to school for your MBA at Rutgers, the best approach is to dive right in.  Mashable is a daily must read to stay ahead of trends. This is where you can learn about everything from “four things to know when planning a social media contest” to the remarkable story about how Klout got started. Mashable’s mission is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of social media and technology.