How to Pitch The Media & Win Over Influencers on A Very Tight Budget

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Every day I speak with business owners from around the world. Personal trainers, nutritionists, physicians, cosmetic formulators, fashion designers, spa owners, hair stylists, pharmaceutical companies and so on.  I really specialize in anything that makes us look and feel good.  New exercise classes, superfood snacks, wearable tech, athletic wear, healthy food services, a breakthrough drug, beautiful apparel, etc.


It’s a part of what I do each day and I learn so much about the real pain points that entrepreneurs face as they try to expand their business and build brand awareness.

Every so often I will post real questions from brave bosses and start-up founders hustling to create their dream businesses.  Everybody seems to have similar problems and questions, even though they are in different industries. They’re all trying to figure out this marketing game.


I am a business marketing consultant trying to help them. Sometimes I consult and sometimes I build strategies to help organize entrepreneurs so there not marketing by the seat of their pants.   I meet all these brave souls on sites like Upwork, LinkedIn Profinder, YouTube,,, etc.

I love working with startups and passionate people in general. It just makes the day better. They are working on the coolest things.  What kinds of things? Apps to help us stick to our diet when we eat out; evidence-based reviews of alternative therapies like acupuncture and cryotherapy; a new health and wellness club that incorporates the newest in tech like DNA testing; a seasonless line of women’s wear with styles that enhance what you already have in your closet; a better bone broth; a way to help people allocated their paycheck and a path to financial wellness, and so forth.


One particular entrepreneur/blogger was looking to pitch journalists about her new website.   She is obsessed with how technology is helping women stay healthier and live longer.

She sent the link to her new website and had placeholders for blog posts and zero social media content, but she wanted to build a plan to pitch the media and collaborate with influencers to build her network.

Her questions –

1) Can I use the same pitch for lifestyle and health (journalists)?

Short answer, no. Best practices include tailoring the pitch to each individual writer and website/program. General pitching is rarely picked up unless it is a very timely news story. Pitching should be thoughtful. You’re developing relationships with these writers and you won’t be off on the right foot if you start with “here’s my story, now please write it.”

2) Which news categories should I target?

Health + tech. I’d start with those two categories. It helps if you do a Google news search to see who is hot on your topic. Just search in Google News and read the first ten most recent articles. Recent is important. In this ever-changing, fast-paced world, yesterday’s news is long gone. Then start a simple excel sheet and dig for the email address of the writers who are covering your topics. This will be the beginning of your media list.

3) Best channels (online platforms) to approach media for the site?

Email and Twitter. However, you need to start a relationship first. For example, you don’t just DM on Twitter. Retweet some of their stories, comment and like.  Don’t just start pitching, it looks like stalking.

4) Other ideas you can provide to accelerate traction (brand awareness) on a tight budget?

Write or film amazing blog content and be the publisher of all things health + tech. That’s what you should be doing in the first place. Media attention and collaborations come naturally from producing excellent work built on honesty and integrity that gets shared.


9 New Ways to Perfect Your Pitch

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If you are trying to create high-quality content and news pitches that produce strong media placements for your brand, these tips will increase your chances of earning coverage by 99%.

  1. Plan ahead. It takes time for a reporter to write a story. For digital, give it at least a six weeks lead-time.
  1. Reseabaseball_steroidsrch the reporter/journalist first. Read their stories and watch their segments. Get to know their beat and go in with that first. Make it super-personalized to them. Follow them on social media. See how they pitch their stories.
  1. Create an interesting subject title, something that really sparks. Something witty and enticing to click open.
  1. Pitch a story, not your company. Include your brand in a broader “trend” story.  If you are a smaller, emerging brand, than stand on the shoulder of giants. If your competition is a part of the “trend” use them in your pitch to make your brand look bigger and brighter. Think about what will help that reporter get more clicks, lure in more readers, sell the news.
  1. Try to tie your story into a topic the journalist has already covered or something timely and interesting happening right now, like a trending topic.
  1. While you are drawing them in, get to the point fast and be concise. Keep it short, sweet and focus on the news, not just your brand. Proofreading also helps. Check for typos and misspells. It happens to the best of us.
  1. Include legit statistics and studies and end with a question – something they might feel they actually have to respond to, like “Would you be interested in sharing this story on ______?
  1. Suggest a reasonable way to follow up – email? phone call? meeting?
  1. Ask if they’d like exclusive coverage. In a sea of sameness, every reporter would love a scoop.