The Biggest Mistake Made On Social Media

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One of the biggest mistakes I see almost every company making on social media, especially Instagram and Facebook, is treating these networking platforms like they are a place to showcase their work without interacting with potential customers and clients.

Most brand managers and business owners will spend too much time worrying about what to post and too little time liking, commenting and sharing on other people’s posts. They treat social media like it’s a one way street and a platform to show off, rather than a place to genuinely connect with new clients and customers.

Think of it this way. If you were going to go to a cocktail party (think of Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. like a cocktail party), and you were going to talk about yourself the entire time (only posting), people would get completely turned off.

You must spend equal amounts of time posting and interacting with your followers and those that don’t follow you yet.   Spend an hour or so a day discovering new content and teach out to customers and clients that are like yours and start liking, commenting (in real full sentences) and sharing their posts. Then watch how fast you build a following.

How does this work? Everyone loves to see a new notification with a comment on their post. What is the first thing you do when you see that comment? You read it and find out who did the posting.  This act of “discovery” is a surefire way to building a real, true and authentic account.

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Super Charge Your Social Strategy

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Never underestimate the passion of a fan or the power of a brand using social platforms the way they are intended to be used.

If you are looking for social strategy inspiration, click below for best practices.

Check out the way Revlon Rocks it in Red on Facebook.

Follow the framework with which fans share their favorites like Whole Foods on Pinterest

Inspire them to discuss a common interest  – like fashion with Bergdorf Goodman on Tumblr

Share and share alike with everyone the way Kiehls does on Twitter.

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