How to Pitch The Media & Win Over Influencers on A Very Tight Budget

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Every day I speak with business owners from around the world. Personal trainers, nutritionists, physicians, cosmetic formulators, fashion designers, spa owners, hair stylists, pharmaceutical companies and so on.  I really specialize in anything that makes us look and feel good.  New exercise classes, superfood snacks, wearable tech, athletic wear, healthy food services, a breakthrough drug, beautiful apparel, etc.


It’s a part of what I do each day and I learn so much about the real pain points that entrepreneurs face as they try to expand their business and build brand awareness.

Every so often I will post real questions from brave bosses and start-up founders hustling to create their dream businesses.  Everybody seems to have similar problems and questions, even though they are in different industries. They’re all trying to figure out this marketing game.


I am a business marketing consultant trying to help them. Sometimes I consult and sometimes I build strategies to help organize entrepreneurs so there not marketing by the seat of their pants.   I meet all these brave souls on sites like Upwork, LinkedIn Profinder, YouTube,,, etc.

I love working with startups and passionate people in general. It just makes the day better. They are working on the coolest things.  What kinds of things? Apps to help us stick to our diet when we eat out; evidence-based reviews of alternative therapies like acupuncture and cryotherapy; a new health and wellness club that incorporates the newest in tech like DNA testing; a seasonless line of women’s wear with styles that enhance what you already have in your closet; a better bone broth; a way to help people allocated their paycheck and a path to financial wellness, and so forth.


One particular entrepreneur/blogger was looking to pitch journalists about her new website.   She is obsessed with how technology is helping women stay healthier and live longer.

She sent the link to her new website and had placeholders for blog posts and zero social media content, but she wanted to build a plan to pitch the media and collaborate with influencers to build her network.

Her questions –

1) Can I use the same pitch for lifestyle and health (journalists)?

Short answer, no. Best practices include tailoring the pitch to each individual writer and website/program. General pitching is rarely picked up unless it is a very timely news story. Pitching should be thoughtful. You’re developing relationships with these writers and you won’t be off on the right foot if you start with “here’s my story, now please write it.”

2) Which news categories should I target?

Health + tech. I’d start with those two categories. It helps if you do a Google news search to see who is hot on your topic. Just search in Google News and read the first ten most recent articles. Recent is important. In this ever-changing, fast-paced world, yesterday’s news is long gone. Then start a simple excel sheet and dig for the email address of the writers who are covering your topics. This will be the beginning of your media list.

3) Best channels (online platforms) to approach media for the site?

Email and Twitter. However, you need to start a relationship first. For example, you don’t just DM on Twitter. Retweet some of their stories, comment and like.  Don’t just start pitching, it looks like stalking.

4) Other ideas you can provide to accelerate traction (brand awareness) on a tight budget?

Write or film amazing blog content and be the publisher of all things health + tech. That’s what you should be doing in the first place. Media attention and collaborations come naturally from producing excellent work built on honesty and integrity that gets shared.


Start & Build Your Dream Business

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For those of you sitting on the fence about starting your own dream business, I urge you to start now and take advantage of all of the amazing tools that can help you reach a global audience. I’m not just talking about social media like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I am also very excited about the hundreds of other ways in which you can reach your audience in countries around the world and the collaborations happening in my industry, health, wellness, fitness and nutrition.

My name is Madeline Johnson and I am an marketing and media strategist based in NYC. I help startups and entrepreneurs build brand awareness and sales revenue by creating easy to follow marketing plans and courses like

Here is my new intro video.

I am very enthusiastic about learning more about what you are working on, so please connect. You can comment on this blog post or meet me on Twitter @MarketCouncil or here on my YouTube Channel.

Fitness Marketing – Finding New Clients

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The tips in this video are for fitness professionals who are growing their business. I explain the process of building your personal training and fitness brand while creating a remarkable client and customer journey. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.


Wearable Tech Radar: Fin Thumbring

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Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 12.27.15 PM

Love this gesture based control device that allows you to wirelessly swipe and tap commands with your fingers. Now if it would only tweet, post and send out an email blast.#PRHackwishes Waterproof, flexible and with each battery charge lasting up to one week, the Fin Thumbring rests on your thumb allowing seamless control of a variety of devices including gaming, glass and smart phones. Offering stressless and touch-less interaction with your smart devices right in the convenience of your own palm. Release date is approaching, go ahead and pre-order one now.

Check out the Fin Thumbring in action:

Shopping for a Brighter World

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How to turn your boring retail experience into mind candy for the buying brain – secrets for selling to the subconscious mind. Click the link above and check out this neuroscience gem.

Step 1. Create multi-sensory experiences as you educate and entertain your customers while mixing high-tech with high-touch for the ultimate retail experience.

Step 2. Get on board and arm yourself with the smart shopping apps that your customers are downloading . . .

Consmr -a Yelp-styled app of consumer goods, where you can scan bar codes with your phone to see ratings, reviews, alternatives and product recalls.

Want to know whether to wait to see if something will go on sale? – check out Decide -an app that will help you know whether to buy or wait. You can set price alerts for items on your shopping list and search stores near your home or office.

RedLaser allows for on-the-fly comparison shopping with a multifunctional scanner that works by reading QR codes.

And yet another app, Slice helps you track and organize online shopping.

Now, onto tackling the million dollar question- How do we convert all this attention and engagement into actual retail sales transactions?

Levitate Your Life with New and Notable Technology

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Twenty or so technological advancements built to make you and possibly your life a little better . . .

 Share music the European way

 Build truly awesome products for people on the go

 Create stunning slide shows and video to share your stories with

 Find venture capitalists

 Buy, borrow, swap and sell

 Connect with content you love

 Best prepare for exams

Let your friends weigh in on your fashion sense

Organize your next group event

 Find hand-picked recipes from real food writers

 Discover and produce the best in original web series content

Create community electronics

 Keep track of your daily deals

 Making online advertising simple

Create a private chat room on your phone

 Outrank your competitors

Help architects and designers share their discoveries

Share a spirit of “open source entrepreneurship”

Access concise and useful content via text messages

Tap into the artworld

Track and grow your business